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Weekly Run Down: I’m back!

Thank you so much for your comments, thoughts, prayers, and support.  I was in tears reading them.  It was a difficult and scary time (still is but not as much) but now I feel better.  Now what is stressing me out is going back to work.  It is still remote but there is so much work to do and I am not ready for tomorrow. 

I continued with my Peloton cycling classes.  I had been doing the 45 minute classes but on Thursday I couldn’t do another one.  I was just so T-I-R-E-D and did a 20 minute class.  On Wednesday I did the Billy Joel Ride and was excited for the playlist but it was disappointing.  There were 11 songs and I knew 2 of the songs.  Not the lyrics but at least I had heard the songs before.  It is my fault because I should have paid more attention to the playlist.


The rest of the week was busy getting ready for school.  We had three Institute Days and I was very annoyed that we got so little time to work on our stuff for school.  I mean do we need to know about grading NOW?  No, that could have waited since grades are not due till October. 

I am still not ready for tomorrow or this week.  The rest of the day today I will be working on my Google Classroom and figure out what exactly I will be doing.  My teammates decided that we will spend the first week going over rules, expectations, assignments, etc.  Also, I have no idea how many students will join me in the morning.  I have 27 students and only 13 are in my Classroom.  Today I will I reach out to parents again to have their child join my  room.  I know, I know.  I need to be patient with them.  🙂 

I went to the doctor on Friday for my yearly physical exam.  She told me I could run outside and no bloodwork would be needed to check my glucose, cholesterol, and all the other fun stuff.  She said that last year’s numbers were really good so I can skip it this year.  I did get a Tetanus shot and a referral for a mammogram.

I went out on Saturday for a run.  It had been almost 2 weeks since my last run.  It felt HARD.  Could have been the wind or the fact that I was very tired.  I have not been sleeping well these past couple of weeks.  Regardless I was very happy to run outside.  I was supposed to run 4 miles but stopped at 3.25.  I simply could not keep going.  Mentally I was done.  


Today I ran 3 miles.  It did not feel as hard as yesterday but it didn’t feel easy either.  Did I lose that much fitness while running and I were on a break?

We were on a break-2

Remember how last week I wrote about how I didn’t think I would complete the California Coast Challenge?  Well, before I knew I could run outside I got the following message from the race organizers.  Good to know I have the extra time!

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-12.jpgLinking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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Weekly Run Down: Covid Edition 1

There was no running for this week.  I’ve been in quarantine.  My mother was with me for a few days and someone she had been in contact with tested positive.  We went to get tested and my mother tested positive.  I am negative.  Another sibling tested positive too.  My mother is now with her.  I keep hearing different versions of what to do and what not to do.  I don’t have any symptoms and feel fine. 

Mateo must have known something was wrong.  He was all cuddly with my mother.

I don’t have a treadmill, but can I go outside to run?  I run by my house and don’t see many people and when I do I simply move over to the street.  Now I regret not buying one years ago.  

Facebook Memories-10.jpg

How could this happen?  We were careful.  I know that without a vaccine sooner or later we would get infected.  Is that really true?  So many questions.

Bitmoji Image

I am behind on reading blog posts and haven’t even read all of the ones from Tuesday’s Linkup.  I will.  I promise.

This past week I was angry, sad, and confused.  I feel helpless.  I finally broke down and cried on Thursday.  I was holding it in and trying to show a brave face but then simply lost it.  I was checking work email and saw one that I had questions about.  I replied to the sender.  I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that because minutes later I received a phone call from my Principal.  That person told on me instead of responding to my email.  I should have asked the questions to my administrators instead of responding to the person that sent the email.  I was so angry.  Childish, right?  No, not me.  The person that told on me.

With no running I did the next best thing – Peloton!  I took a cycling class each day and man were they hard!  I did a few of the Epic Sing along and those were fun.  Check out this playlist.  So far this is the best one.  I could have sworn that Jenn mentioned someone in the class was taking their 4,100th class?  Peloton-5.jpg

I did one upper body strength class with Matty and then on the other days did wall pushups and kettlebell swings.  Sometimes I am not motivated at all.

With all of my Peloton workouts I have lots of stinky workout clothes.  I don’t have access to a washing machine so I’ve had to hand wash my clothes.  It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  At least it isn’t work clothes.  🙂

wear your mask

So that’s my week.  Obviously very different from the other ones.  I am trying to stay positive but I am just tired of all of this..I know many of you are too!

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Weekly Run Down: Halfway through August

Weekly Mileage-68.jpg

Before I start talking about my runs, let me tell you about the news I received on Monday.  I found out that I will be moving to another classroom.  I still cannot believe it.  In a way I am happy that I am not going to another school leaving behind a lot of wonderful coworkers.  I am upset that I will be separated from two other 2nd grade teachers.  They are both AMAZING!  We’ve shared so many wonderful moments along with learning experiences that have helped us improve.  My room is on the 1st floor and I will be moving to the 2nd floor.  I will also have to pack ALL OF MY stuff in boxes.  Do you have any idea how much stuff I have in my classroom?  The idea of packing everything AGAIN is giving me anxiety.  No, I am not happy at all.

Another good week for me.  I felt good with no pain at all.  I did several Glutes & Legs Strength workouts with Matty.  I also did Arms & Strength with Matty too.  Each is 10 minutes but I think soon I will increase it to 20 minutes.  I also took the 30 mini Prince Ride and it was AWESOME!!!  No picture because I left my phone in my room, but it still happened.  Wow, it was so good that I would like to take it again.  Ally and Emma looked so cute in their purple outfits.  

My best run was on Thursday.  I did 1 mile warmup and cooldown with a few strides along with intervals of 3:30/75.  This week it was only 1 set instead of 2.  Almost negative splits and I ran each interval without stopping at all.  It was a wonderful feeling!  


Yesterday I did my longest run since March.  I did not go to the lakefront but instead ran the 9 miles by my house.  I didn’t want to drive and I wanted to be close to see if there were more houses for sale.  There was none.  🙁  I felt tired and it was hot.  I didn’t care about pace (and sometimes ignored the high HR alerts) because I wanted to be done.


I had a great week and am pleased with my runs and mileage.  I am happy that I am also including more cycling and strength workouts.  I have big goals for next year and all of this is going to help me achieve them.  

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Weekly Run Down: Fall weather and running 7 days this week

Weekly Mileage-67.jpg

This week’s weather was PERFECT.  It was in the 60s and I even turned the AC off.  We had the windows open at night and it felt so good.  It was nice to have a couple of days like that because the hot weather is back.

I had some really great runs this week.  On Tuesday I ran 3.10 and my pace was so much faster.  I even stayed in HR zones 1-3 like I am supposed to.  Last Friday I did the same distance and finished in 39:02, but on Tuesday my finish time was 36:19.  That is about 1 minute faster for each mile and they were all under 12:00!!  As you know, I am not at all a “fast” runner so seeing these numbers sure made me happy.


Thursday’s run also went well.  I did 2 sets of 3:15/80.  The last time I did this workout was July 16 with an average pace of 12:19.  On Thursday it was 12:05.  What was exciting about it is that I ran without stopping the first two intervals of each set and actually felt really good.  It was a big confidence booster and makes me even more excited for the next couple of months.


Saturday’s run was 8.01 miles along the lakefront.  During the week I had calculated my total mileage and it would have been 26.99 miles.  Now you know why I had to run that extra .01 to get an even 27 miles.


I also did 3 Glutes and Legs Strength workouts.  The first one I did was on Tuesday.  I was very sore for about 2 days.  Let’s just say that it was hard to sit down to use the toilet.  I did another one on Friday but wasn’t sore afterwards.  Today I did the same workout that I did on Tuesday and so far am feeling OK.  Next week I want to add include Arms Toning workouts. Peloton Workouts-1.jpg

I posted this in Instagram but it makes me laugh so much so I will share it here.  It is from this morning during my workout.  I’ve mentioned that Mateo is a very dramatic cat.

School update:  We got an email from the Superintendent that our first day of school is August 26 (it was supposed to be the 24th) and the students’ first day is the 31st.  We will have 3 days of Teacher Institute to give us time to collaborate and plan with our colleagues.  Some school districts are allowing teachers to go in the classroom to do their remote learning.  I am hoping our District does the same (at least 1 or 2 days per week).  Crossing my fingers!

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Weekly Run Down: 103.54 miles and Hello August

Weekly Mileage-66

How is it already August?  A few more weeks of Summer Break and then back to school.  I found out that we will start the school year with Remote Learning.  While I am pleased with the news, it does make me sad because I honestly am tired of Remote Learning.  Also, it will be weird starting off a new school year without being there with the students.  I did find out this past week that the cameras will be turned on so at least I will see them during class time.

Meeting with School Board-1.jpg

I am still running on the side streets.  No complaints.  Twice I ventured out further north to the area where I am interested in buying a house.  I ran by the house that I really, really liked and wanted to buy last year.  It made me sad.  I did see another house for sale by owner and sent the info to my agent.  Back and forth messages with him and yesterday he told me that the owner has a contract already.  🙁

My heart rate went up when I saw this.  It reminded me of when I fell in January.


I live close to the fire department and they have a small fish pond in the front.  It was the first time seeing this since I rarely go in that direction when I run.

Fish pond-1.jpg

I did all of my runs with the Peloton app.  I like the variety of music and am liking the instructors.  Even all of the talking does not bother me as much anymore.  I guess it depends on my mood too.  

For my long run on Saturday I did not go to the lake.  I ran by my house and took a fun class.  Matty mentioned that he was taking us back to our partying days in high school and college.  It was fun and I recognized many of the songs!  There were songs such has “What is Love? and “Another Night”.  There was one by Whitney Houston that I had never heard and LOVED it -My Love Is Your Love.  Am I the only one that has never heard it before?

Peloton Running-2

I finished July with 103.54 miles.  July has 31 days and I ran 25 of those days.  Overall I have been feeling good.  I felt some discomfort in my left calf and the bottom of my left foot as well.  I remembered that’s what I had experienced before I had plantar fasciitis.  At that time I did not know any better and I ignored it.  Big mistake.  I foam rolled and it felt much better the next day.  I’ve also been using my massage gun which has been helping a lot too.

I am excited about August.  Excited to see what my coach has for me to do this month.  Also, I am working on a few things for school but don’t want to do too much until I know my schedule, list of students, and District’s expectations.  I belong to a Facebook Group and have gotten great ideas for my virtual classroom.  Here is what I have so far.

Virtual Classroom-2

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