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Weekly Run Down: 365 days and what’s next?

What an exhausting week.  I survived my first week of school and I completed my running streak!  

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Not too many running pictures except for Saturday’s run.  I went to the lakefront to celebrate the end of my run streak.  I got there a little before 6 and it was still dark.  It was the perfect time to reflect on this running adventure that would end that day.

I was there for an hour.  It was hot but felt good being out there.  I saw many runners and it reminded me of when I was training for the Chicago Marathon.  Yeah, do not miss it at all.  OK, maybe a teeny tiny bit.  

Total mileage for this run streak is 1,068.95!

So what is next?  My coach and I will be working together again.  The plan first is to get back to build a good, strong base and then train for a race.  Maybe a half marathon.  I would like to pick up where I left off and finish my goal of running a half marathon in each state.  I still need 8 states (South Carolina, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, New Mexico, and Hawaii).  I would also like to PR in the smaller distances.  I do know I will not be running everyday anymore.  It is time to get serious now and incorporate strength training in my workouts.

I had two days of meetings and PD.  Our new Superintendent went to our school on Tuesday.  He encouraged all of us to reach out and email him.  I have emailed him a few times and he has responded.  It made me happy when he said “Your voice matters”.  Let’s hope he and his team really mean it.  

All 21 students showed up this week.  It was chaos but I know it will get better.  These students left school on March 13, 2020, but don’t know if any returned when parents were given the opportunity to send them back to school.  All I know is that I have A LOT of work to do.  And it requires so much patience.  It was hard to get them to follow directions; simple directions is not simple for them.  A few left the room (more like ran) to go to the bathroom.  I told them that they cannot just leave the room and that they needed to let me know.

I am on the 2nd floor and somehow during dismissal I “lost” a few students on the way out.  We practiced the next day and it went better.  And we practiced again on Friday, but one girl left and I didn’t see who she left with.  One of my students said she left with her mom.  I don’t know all of the parents yet but in the past sometimes a sibling, another family member, neighbor, or babysitter picks up a student.

I understand the reason for wearing a mask, but it is so hard to wear it all day.  I told my students that I would be speaking loud because of the mask.  I also asked me to talk louder (they have to wear masks too).  Fun times, right?

I was very late in responding to posts from Sunday and Tuesday.  So sorry but it was hectic this week.  Better late than never, right?  I am not sure if I will read posts today because I need to do a few things for my students and work on my lesson plans.  But I promise I will read and respond.

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Weekly Run Down: Last week of Summer Break and 359 days

It’s the same song this week.  Running and more running.  It was also humid and yucky.  Honestly, I do not remember too much about them so this post will be short.  It is day #359 of my run streak.

Friday morning I was thinking about how it was my last Friday of summer break.  I didn’t do everything I had on my list but that is OK.  The main thing is I enjoyed it and relaxed.  I was also frustrated and annoyed because of some school stuff.  A fun run with Matty did make me laugh.  I have taken this class before but there aren’t a lot of classes left to take (with the instructors and music that I like) so I will be repeating a few of them.

I did feel better on Saturday during my run.  It was warm and humid and I walked the rest of the way home after the 4th mile.  My last mile was my fastest which surprised me.  

I went back to school on Monday to finish setting up.  There was nothing more I can do there since I don’t have a printer that works.  Plus, I am not sure what to expect this year with various new curriculums, rules, and expectations.  

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that on Wednesday they were filming Chicago PD very close to my house.  Some of the streets were closed off beginning Tuesday night for the crew to park their vans.  I did go out the next day to check it out and saw Jay and Hailey.

Mateo rarely hangs out with me (he prefers my mother) so it was nice to have him cuddle with me.

I also got a haircut!  I asked the hairdresser to cut off 2 inches and to make some layers.  My last haircut was during the end of June.  My hair grows fast!  Left photo is from June and right is from Friday.

Wish me luck this week!  Monday and Tuesday are all meetings and then the students start on Wednesday.

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Weekly Run Down: Still enjoying Summer break and photos of my cats

Another easy and relaxing week of running.  No plan to follow but just run whatever I wanted.  The heat and humidity was not fun at all.  Thankfully it cooled down and made the runs feel much better.  We opened the windows and turned off the AC.  

Most of my runs this week were done in the afternoon.  Not sure why I didn’t go in the morning before going to school to set up my room.  I did a bike class Monday and Tuesday but then had no energy the rest of the week.  I took the Elvis run but didn’t like it too much.  I like his music but I think I recognized 1 or 2 songs.  I did enjoy the 90s Run and definitely the 80s pop ride!  His class had a 12 minute warmup which I thought was strange.  Denis is another favorite after Cody.

I don’t know what happened but I swear I took a run class on Friday, but it does not show up on my list.  My goal was to take at least one class for one year (beginning in February when I renewed my membership).  Well, at least it still counts for the streak.

This week I will continue running however long I want to.  August 28th will be 365 days so that will be the last day of my run streak.  Maybe I should just finish the month!  I did good these past 3 days running between 45 minutes to an hour.  We are supposed to have cooler weather so I am happy about that.

This week I went to set up my room (Monday-Wednesday).  I am not done and will go tomorrow just to finish up some last minute things.  The rest will have to wait the following week.  We start on the 23rd and students start on the 25th.  I do not feel ready because I will have a new language arts curriculum (for dual language) and a new math curriculum.  I am supposed to have a wall for Spanish items/ words, another one for English, and a third one for both English and Spanish.  I am happy that Math will be taught in English but now will need to get resources in English since a lot of what I have are in Spanish.  <<No problem with my TpT donations!

We were told that the District will not allow us to have individual student barriers.  However, the office staff has them and the library has them as well.  I asked the Principal if teachers could have one and she has not responded.  You know I hate it when people do not respond to emails.  With one week to go before school starts, there are still many questions that need to be answered.  I received a summons for jury duty for September 1st.  I want to know if another teacher can take my class or will the District get a substitute teacher for me.  I am hoping that I do not have to go at all.  

Thanks for reading and I will leave you with some photos of my cats.  Mateo enjoys being in the balcony more than Lola.  Check out his tongue!  

Guess who was first on the bed?  With so many places in the apartment, I don’t know why they chose to sleep on my bed.

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Weekly Run Down: Easy miles and setting up my room

With no plan to follow, I ran what I felt like running.  Most days I picked a 20 minute Peloton run and did that.  I also did a few Peloton bike classes and also added some walks to my week.  The last time I took a bike class was in June.

I saw another cat that wanted to come home with me.  I don’t think Lola would be happy about it.  She still hisses whenever Mateo is around her.

I spent time on the balcony and finished reading my book.  Thanks to Wendy’s post, now I have a couple more to add to my reading list.

I needed more wine when I read this paragraph.  

I am thinking of changing the format of posting my weekly activities, but for now don’t know how, so just bear with me while I figure it out.  🙂

Monday was all about the 80s.  I miss Cody and enjoyed the class.

Tuesday was all about Latin music.  Fun classes! 

The rest of the week was all 80s and Latin music.  Those two are my favorite.  The instructor and the music is what I look for in a class.  The two with a checkmark are the ones that I enjoyed the most.  I love Ally’s excitement in class and she is so much fun to have around.

Today was a 20 minute pop run with Matty and a 30 minute ride with Cody.  Great music in both classes.  I know I am late to the party here but lately I have been hearing a lot of the song “Let’s Get Loud” by JLo in a few Peloton classes.  Now, I am NOT a big fan of her, but do like the song.  

I know I said I was not going to buy running shoes, but when I saw these I knew I had to get them.  Cute and comfortable!

On Thursday I went to school to start setting up my room.  I walked in and didn’t know where to start.  It doesn’t look as bad as in previous years, but it still felt overwhelming.  Remember this is a new classroom for me and last year I did not set it up because it was still remote learning.

I do not want to move the desks until I have a better idea of how many students I will have (as of now it is 21).  Also, I think administration needs to set them up and space them out due to social distancing.  Not sure how I will fit that many desks while keeping them apart. 

I worked on my bulletin boards and organized my file cabinet and the inside of my desk.  I am planning to go this week again and hopefully do the bulk of it.  I still need to put up the classroom rules, alphabet, number line, etc.  The rest I can finish when I start school and I know my schedule and how a day with students will look like.  Also, I do not want to go the last week of Summer Break (August 16th).

My sister usually goes with me to help out, but now due to Covid, no one else is allowed to go in.  Anyone has a magic wand I can borrow?  I promise to return it quickly!  

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Weekly Run Down: 98.07 miles and almost done with my run streak

Hello there!  Happy 1st day of August!  While I am excited for a new month, this month means that I go back to work.  I have 3 weeks left but I know one of those weeks will be dedicated to setting up my room.  I am nervous that with the rise of cases going on, we will not go back to school.  While I understand the safety factor, I simply cannot and do not want to do another year of remote learning.

This week I hit my 300th run milestone and added a new pair of shoes to my rotation.  I bought these last year and now am finally running in them.

I spent time outside with the cats in the balcony.  I am almost done reading the book “The Soul of a Woman” and saw a great quote.  I am sure I have seen it before but now I love it!

It was another good week of running.  I am pleased with my runs and am actually surprised with the mileage this week.  I ended July with 98.07 miles.  I had to run 7 miles on Saturday and did half of it.  Ha, if I would have run them all then for sure July would have been over 100 miles.

During Saturday’s run I realized that I did not want to run 7 miles.  Well, does anyone actually do?  I also realized I am feeling burned out.  I don’t want to follow a plan anymore.  I am not training for anything anyway.  I had a conversation with my coach and once I have reached 1 year in my run streak, I plan to stop.  For this month I am going to run whatever I want.  I want to pick a 20, 30, 45 , or 60 minute Peloton run and do that.

The calendar below is from last year.  I was doing good for half of August but then stopped running because on Saturday (after my run) I found out that I needed to get a Covid test.  I went on Tuesday.  How different it is now.  I had to make an appointment (and wait) instead of just going in for a test.  It was negative but still decided to quarantine.  Not a big deal now but should I have quarantined?  If I hadn’t quarantined then I would have been done with my run streak on the 29th.  😀

With no actual plan for this week, we’ll see how I do.  I told my coach that I will do the hill/ramp workouts on Mondays but who knows how I will feel tomorrow.  I may just do one mile or 2.  

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