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Weekly Run Down: The Olympic Marathon Trials Edition

I did not run one single day this week.  I did rest as much as I could while getting things ready at school for my days off.  Since I was planning two days worth of work for the substitute teacher, I decided to also work on my sub tub/emergency plans.  While I did finish my sub tub, I did not finish my emergency plans.  Oh well, next time.

Sub tub-1.jpgFriday morning I took a 7:10am flight to Atlanta.  It was a quick flight and landed earlier than expected.  Saw this at the airport and just wanted to share it with you.

Black Her Story.jpg

I shared an Uber with another Oiselle friend from Ohio.  It took us maybe 20 minutes to get to the hotel (we stayed at the Atlanta Hilton).  We quickly got our key and then went to get something to eat.  There we met up with our roommates.  There were a total of 5 of us.  I was sharing a room with one of them and the other 3 were in another room.  Then we went to the expo to get our bib and to listen to a panel discussion.  The discussion was moderated by Mary Wittenberg and featured Alison Desir, Kara Goucher, Kara Finley, and Sally Bergesen.

2020 Marathon Oympic Trials-4.jpg

I was not impressed with the expo.  Hardly anything but why am I complaining since I rarely buy anything.  I did sign up for the Clif Bar newsletters and I got 3 different bars.  As I was leaving I saw Kim and Charlyn.  

Then we went back to the hotel.  It was cold and windy.  Oh, and lots of hills which I knew but still made me nervous.

That evening we went to Monday Night Brewery for a casual get together with other Oiselle friends.  I wasn’t planning to stay too long since I was tired, but we ended up staying till about 9pm.  I had one beer and a beef brisket sandwich and they were both yummy!

The next morning there was a shakeout run with Kara Goucher sponsored by Clean Sport Collective.  I did not run but there were so many people there.

Then it was off to spectate!  Spectating a race is fun.  Spectating a marathon gives me chills.  Spectating the Marathon Olympic Trials is a very different feeling.  Unbelievable.  AMAZING.  Lots of goosebumps.  Chills.  Yep, you name it.  I will post pictures and videos so you can see for yourself.

The way the course was set up allowed us to see the runners six times.  Yes, 6!!

There were so many runners.  What made me more happy was that there were twice as many women than men!!!!  I was rooting for Desi to make it on the team but that didn’t happen.  Hard to believe she missed it by 11 seconds.  I will be rooting for her at the Boston Marathon next month.

This morning I will be running the half marathon.  Maybe by the time you read this post, I would have finished or will still be running.  I have no finish time goal but just to finish it and to have fun.  Did I mention it is a HILLY course?  I read that there are 23 hills in the course for the half marathon.

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Weekly Run Down: Race week and “taper” mode

Weekly Mileage-47.jpg

It is race week!  I ran one day and took it easy the rest of the week.  I felt some discomfort in my right quad.  Ugh!  I am annoyed about it but there isn’t much I can do about it.  Not sure if and when I will run this week before my race.

I was off today and went to the gym.  Watched “Narcos Mexico” while running.  Felt good but tired at the end.

Not a very exciting week.  Good news is that I cancelled my hotel reservation in Atlanta and will be sharing a room with another Oiselle friend.  At least now I will have some company and my hotel cost won’t be expensive.  School was the same with my students.  I have my days when I like my job and then also days when I don’t.  

While I am excited for Summer break, the other day I applied to teach summer school.  I wasn’t going to do it but then decided to go for it since the work is easier than during the regular school year, there are fewer hours and fewer students.  Plus, it is nice to earn some extra cash.

I went to see a house on Monday and I was so disappointed.  It was a good price but it needed a lot of work.  I don’t mind fixing a few things here and there but this house required a whole lot more.  I found out the other day that the owners have accepted an offer.  I did not think it would sell that fast since really I thought it was a horrible house.  Anyway, back to looking.  The goal is to move this summer.  I don’t know how much longer my landlord will allow me to continue living in the apartment.

Thursday was National Love Your Pet Day.  Both of my cats are rarely together and when they are, I make sure to take a picture.

How was your week?  I am sure it was much more exciting than mine.  🙂

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Weekly Run Down: Three runs this week and 2 more weeks

Weekly Mileage-46.jpg

Hey there!  I hope you all had a great week.  Last week I wrote about how I did not feel well.  I didn’t get a cold and I feel so much better.  Maybe I just needed to rest?  I have a race in two weeks and I absolutely cannot get sick.

I don’t remember too much about this run.  I just know I did run.

WEDNESDAY:  4.33 miles
I wanted to do 10×400 intervals with 400m recovery.  I did 8 and each recovery was less than 1/4 mile.  Felt good but got tired towards the end.  This rarely happens but my Garmin showed the mileage as the treadmill.  I was actually shocked. 

It was not my day at the gym.  I wanted to run 4 miles but got to the gym late.  I started watching “Narcos Mexico” but honestly could not even get excited about it.  Also, I need to wake up earlier since I’ve noticed that it takes me a little bit longer to get out of the house.  

Two more weeks till the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon.  I am excited but also nervous about it.  While I am not 100% ready/trained for it, I am more ready for it than I was for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  The goal is to finish it.  It will be state #43 for me.

Overall not my best week.  Since I didn’t do a long run this weekend, the plan is to do it tomorrow morning.  A little off schedule but that is OK.  Also, I have an appointment with my agent to see a house so cross your fingers that it goes well.  

How was your week?  Anyone planning to go to Atlanta to spectate the Olympic Trials and/or run the half or marathon?  A friend of mine was planning to go and share the hotel cost but now cannot make it anymore.  Let me know if you want to share a room.

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Weekly Run Down: Sick again and a favorite treadmill

Weekly Mileage-45.jpg

Hey there!  I hope you all had a great week.  Mine was OK because I got sick again.  So far this year hasn’t been kind to me.  Oh well.  Enough complaining and let me tell you about my week.

It just wasn’t my day at the gym.  I got there later than usual since I was in the bathroom longer than expected.  Yeah, I ate way too much on Sunday.  Monday was the day the workers decided to clean the treadmill which meant the one I use was not available.  I got on a different one but it was shaking the whole time and that wasn’t pleasant.  I moved to another one and the same thing happened.  Finally, “my” treadmill was available but by then it was time to go.  Oh well, at least something instead of nothing.


WEDNESDAY:  1.5 miles
I was tired and just could not get into my run.  I stopped my watch and when I tried to save my run, I accidentally deleted it.  I couldn’t believe it!  I don’t think that had ever happened to me.  Oh well.  Not a big deal since I manually added it.  I don’t remember exactly the distance but it was around 1.5 miles so that is what I am going by.

That night I went out with friends for dinner.  Yummy but I was so full and sleepy by the time I got home.  Oh and more snow that evening.  🙁

Again at the gym to run 4 miles.  Actually felt really good which made me happy but I was exhausted by 2pm.

I thought about running outside but it was still dark when I was ready to head out.  Back to the gym and my favorite treadmill was available.  I watched a few episodes of “Money Heist”.  I was wrong the first time I wrote about it.  There are 3 SEASONS (not episodes) so I was happy to continue watching the show.  Planet Fitness had Einstein bagels for its guests and I grabbed two.

Einstein bagel-1

When I saw this I stopped running.  I was like WTF!!!!

Money Heist Show-1.jpg

My poor kitty when I woke up.  Even he was still sleepy.  🙂


This was a weird week.  I kept sneezing and coughing but it did not feel like a cold.  I drank Emergen-C with warm water before going to bed each night and that helped.  Saturday morning I woke up queasy.  I had a light breakfast and then in the afternoon went out to lunch with my coworker.  Afterwards I still was not feeling well.  Still queasy and bloated.  I was so uncomfortable pretty much all day.  I am feeling so much better so that is a relief.

How was your week?  Do you have a favorite treadmill or workout machine at the gym?  

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Weekly Run Down: Goodbye January and Hello February

Weekly Mileage-44.jpg 
Doesn’t it seem like January dragged?  I know it was a long month and I was on Winter Break the first week, but still.   I started off the new month with a cold.  Then once I felt better enough to run, I fell.  I took a few weeks off to recover and recently started running again but on the treadmill.  

Mateo couldn’t understand why I was up so early.  He is funny.  


I ordered some new Oiselle shorts and couldn’t wait to wear them.  Aren’t they cute?  They’re my favorite shorts for running.  I started watching the Aaron Hernandez series while running and it is so good.  


Aaron Hernandez-1

This time I did the Lady Gaga Ride.  Just what I needed after a stressful day at work.

Again at the gym to run 3 miles.  The plan was to run on Thursday and rest on Friday.  My legs were sore from Wednesday’s run so I didn’t run.  I know last week I “complained” about not having a treadmill at home, but now it isn’t THAT bad.  A few people reminded me that at least I have access to a treadmill.  So true.  I am getting the hang of it.  I make sure I have all of my stuff for running and for work since I shower, get ready at the gym, and then go to work.  Oh, I also need to take my breakfast and lunch with me too.

I finished the month with 20.50 miles.  January was not a kind month but I am still pleased with my mileage.

January 2020 Mileage.jpg

I couldn’t run in the morning because my sister had a training to go to downtown and I had to stay with my mother.  I caught up on reading blog posts (so sorry for responding so late).  I finally headed out to the gym around 4pm.  A friend suggested I watch “Money Heist”.  I did and I like it.  For now there are 3 episodes and I watched half of them.

This made me laugh.  I didn’t even notice it until someone made a comment on Strava.  I was on the treadmill the whole time.


How was your week?  Any other shows to watch on Netflix?  Someone suggested Grace and Frankie.  I am looking forward to the new season of Narcos Mexico which will be available on February 13.

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