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Weekly Run Down: Fun activities with the kids and Winter Break

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Not much running this week and I am OK with it.  Did I want to run more?  Yep.  But I have been sleeping well that I haven’t been able to wake up in the morning.  Then a few days I came home and took a nap too.  So weird.  I am on Winter Break so now I don’t have to wake up THAT early so definitely no excuse not to do all of my runs.

On Monday the school administration made a delicious breakfast for us.  I went back for seconds!  🙂

Appreciation Breakfast-1.jpg

Later on we made ornaments with the kids.  I made one with a picture of Lola and Mateo.  The kids were excited to make one for their parents.

I did get out to run in the evening.  It wasn’t cold but it was slippery.  You can see the ice on the sidewalk.  Luckily it was 3 miles and I took it nice and slow.

Ice on sidewalk.jpg

Tuesday was “Whoville hair” and it was fun to see teaches and students participate.  My coworker had a former student’s mom come in and do our hair (there are 5 second grade teachers).  In her words “I want to win.”  She was one of the winners.  The winners had the students go to the gym on Friday to watch a movie.  We thought that everyone in the grade level had to participate in order to win (we thought for sure we would win).  We then found out it was only individual teachers.  I went back and forth with the principal but nothing was done about it.  I was pissed!  I ignored her the rest of the week.  Well, not just because of that.  Other things had been going on and that just did it for me.

My hair is very thin and straight so it was hard to do something Whoville related.  I ended up with a present!  I went running with my hair like that and it was a mistake.  It was windy and I got very cold.  Even my head hurt from the cold!

This was after my run and after I removed the rubber bands and bobby pins.  Check out those pretty waves!  Anyone know of a good curling iron I can get to get waves like that?

Wednesday was another fun activity with all of the 2nd grade teachers.  We use HERO to reward students that are respectful, responsible, and safe as well as give negative points to those that are not respectful, responsible, nor safe.  We held a different activity in each room and students had to pick one.  I had the board games room.  At one point there were 30 students in my room.  Another teacher had a drawing/coloring room, one was the holding room for those that had too many negative points, and two teachers had a movie room.  

Not exactly a board game but my students love using the Magna tiles.

Magna tiles-1.jpg

That is how I felt Thursday morning.  

Winter Break-5.jpg

I don’t have pictures but I had my students use Tempera paint to paint whatever they wanted.  They rarely get a chance to paint and it was fun to see their pictures.  Some are very creative!

It was a long week at school but I made the best of it.  The students for sure had fun!  I did leave right at 3pm on Friday.  🙂

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Winter Break-4

Saturning morning I went running at the Arboretum.  It has been months since I’ve run there.  I am planning to either go there or to Waterfall Glen every Saturday for some hill training.  My next race is in Atlanta and I’ve heard that the course is hilly.  I was supposed to run 8 miles but I’ve missed so many of my runs this week so I did four.  Yeah, that was enough for me.

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Weekly Run Down: A good week of sleeping and almost Winter Break

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I hope everyone had a great week!  Our kids had to take a couple of tests this past week.  They took a Reading and Math test.  The best part is that the test is in English and my kids are Bilingual.  I know, it does not make sense to me either.  

This week was 4 runs outside and 1 Peloton session.  It was supposed to be 2 but I moved my run from Saturday to Sunday and that is when I do the other Peloton workout.  Oh well.  

I have been sleeping so much better and it’s been a struggle to get up in the morning.  I know, it sounds contradicting.  What I mean is that I am in a deep sleep and don’t want to wake up because it feels so great sleeping.  I cannot recall Monday’s run (no photo but my Garmin says I ran 3 miles), but on Wednesday I did not want to run.  That day was 1/2 day at school but we had meetings till 4pm.  Long and exhausting day!  I went home and took a nap and set out to run 4 miles.  I ran a faster 5k!  It was 38:29 at the end of November.

Garmin workout-4.jpg

I did not run on Thursday but I saw another gorgeous sunrise.


Friday morning I ran 3 miles.  It wasn’t too cold but I did have 2 layers and my lightening layer.


After work I met a few coworkers for a holiday gathering.  It was my first time going (sometimes I am a party pooper) and was glad I did because I had so much fun!  We talked, laughed, ate, and drank.  I had 3 martinis and they were DELICIOUS.  The next day I woke up at 5 to feed Lola and Mateo and to make coffee but went back to sleep.  Then I woke up again at 7.  The rest of the day I felt blah and stayed in pajamas.  I did nothing.  🙂  Mateo felt the same way.


Going back to my sleep.  I have been using Nuun Rest: Relaxation & Rest Aid Drink Tablets.  I drink it between 8-8:30 and I think that is what is helping me sleep better.  Sometimes I wake up once to go to the bathroom but then go back to sleep.  Check out Wednesday and Saturday night!  Could be the Nuun tablets or this week I am just mentally tired.  🙂

Fitbit Sleep Data-1.jpg

Just one more week till Winter Break.  Friday will be here soon!

Winter Break-2.jpg

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Weekly Run Down: Foot is better and another slow week

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Last week I wrote about a pain in my foot.  I blamed it on my shoes.  My coach told me it was tight calves and told me to make sure I stretched and foam rolled.  I also started running again in my Brooks Levitate 1.  They feel so soft and comfortable. 

Monday was 3 miles and on Tuesday it was 1 mile.  It was all I could handle both days.  I also mentioned being more tired than usual and sneezing a lot.  I sent a message to my doctor asking about an allergy test but she has not written back.  I went to Target and bought the store brand of Claritin.  I took one last night but today still sneezed but not as much as before.

I was supposed to run Wednesday but take a guess as to why I didn’t?  I thought I could do it after school but I stayed till about 5:30 working on a project and came home for dinner and to rest.  I ended up running the next day and it felt great.  


2 miles on Friday was the perfect distance to start off the weekend.  I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and came back to Mateo getting comfortable on my bed.  🙂  So cool seeing all of the Christmas decorations.


Saturday was 7 miles on my calendar but I woke up with an achy body.  I thought I had a fever so I took a Tylenol and stayed on the couch till about noon.  Then my mother and I did some errands followed by a late lunch.  We came home and I took a nap!  

My foot is feeling much better.  The top of it is no longer tender.  Even my plantar doesn’t hurt as much.  These running injuries suck but I am so happy that so far I am feeling better.  

This morning I took Mateo to PAWS to be neutered.  I picked him up at 4pm and he is doing fine.   I hope my little baby isn’t in too much pain. 


Less than 2 weeks to go till Winter Break?  Yes, I am EXCITED!! 

Winter Break-1.jpg

This week was not great running wise but sometimes that is how it is.  Hopefully next week is better.  I decided not to run the Kiawah Half Marathon.  I am definitely not ready for it and don’t want to go undertrained like I did for the Detroit Half Marathon I did in October.

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Weekly Run Down: End of the month and 335 miles

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Happy Sunday!  I hope you had a great week with your family.  I had a great time and ate so much these past couple of days.  It was all yummy but not good for my waist.  🙁

How is it that we are in December?  November did go by fast and I am sure December will too.  I will be in school 3 weeks and then will have Winter Break.

I did not run a lot in November. 

November 2019 Mileage.jpg

For some reason I did not feel good this week.  I was sneezing a lot.  For sure I thought I would get sick but I didn’t.  Could it be allergies?  I remember my doctor telling me that as one gets older, they can get allergies.  

Monday morning I ran 3 miles. I forgot to delete my records last week but remembered to do it on Monday.  Happy with my fast mile.

I did not run on Tuesday but saw a beautiful sunrise.


My coach moved a few workouts because I did not feel good.  I was exhausted Tuesday and Wednesday.  Due to the changes I ended up running on Thanksgiving.  It was a fun workout.  It was 3 miles warmup and 6×1 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery, then another mile or so to end with 5 miles.  I got 2 badges!

Another record for me.  Boy, I have a lot of work to do.  🙂

Garmin workout-3.jpg

Something happened with my left foot.  The top left side began to bother me.  I was supposed to run 6 miles on Saturday but didn’t because of my foot.  Plus it was raining and I did not want to run in the rain. 😜

It felt somewhat better on Sunday but I didn’t make it to one mile.  It hurt!  I went back home and sent a text to my couch.  He said it was probably due to a tight calf and tendon.  I thought it was my shoes and decided to retire my Brooks Ghost 11 with 335 miles.  I was hoping to make it to 400 miles.  How cute are my new Oiselle tights?

My coach had me do 60 minutes (20 minutes easy followed by 4 x 5 minutes fast, 5 minutes easy).  That is the longest I have been on the bike!  I thought it would be bored but I wasn’t. 😜  I biked through several cities by the sea and watched TV.  

Do you have allergies?  Did you have them as a kid or “recently”?

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Weekly Run Down: A new running coach and another trip around the sun

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Thank you to everyone that commented about the blog Facebook page.  I decided to just post running stuff on that page.  I may post a few things on my personal page about some of my running adventures, like my 50 states goal, but that’s it.  🙂

This week was my first week training with DWRunning.  Last week I filled out a questionnaire and then had a conference call with my coach, Dan.  We talked about my goals and expectations, injuries, schedule, etc.  I told him that I would like to complete my 50 states goal and to PR in the various distances.  Maybe not all in one year but at least a few of them.


So far my first week went well.  Something very new to me is doing dynamic warm ups before each run.  As you know, I never do any kind of warmup but now I have to.  🙂  I also have a flexibility & mobility workout and a strength workout after each run.  Again, something new to me.  I’ve been able to do the warm ups but then run out of time for the other workouts.  I was told that maybe I can do one during my lunch break and then the other one in the evening.  Regardless, they’re all important for my training and they have to be done.  

These are the dynamic warm ups I need to do:
Joint circles
A Walks & B Walks
A Skips & B Skips
Lunge Matrix
Monster Walks

Monday was 2 miles at an “easy” pace.  Did that then went to the doctor for a breast bilateral ultrasound.  I got a mammogram back in September and because I have very dense breast, it was recommended that I go for an ultrasound.  I had to wait and make sure my insurance would pay for it (they would) and then I had to wait a few weeks for availability.  The test was about 45 minutes and the technician was very nice and she made me feel very comfortable.  I already got my results and it is all good.

Tuesday was movie night at school.  We showed “The Lion King”.  We had a lot of family show up but I was disappointed with how many people were talking.  Also, there were kids running around.  I mean, is that what they do in the movie theatres? 

Wednesday morning was my birthday run.  I ran 4.7 miles.  So much fun doing this.  I think I started doing this about 3 or 4 years ago?

My 2nd grade team ordered lunch and got me a birthday cake.  They also gave me gift cards from Amazon and Starbucks.  My students made cards for me too.  It was a great birthday!

Birthday cards from students-1.jpg

Lola was shy but I did get a “kiss” from Mateo.


Friday was 2 miles and Saturday was 5 miles.  I am testing a new pair of Turtle Gloves and so far I like them.  They’re a little big but they keep my hands warm.  I will have a review sometime next month.

I had a great week with it being my birthday and some great runs.  I am very excited about this opportunity with a new coach.  I already have my plan for this coming week and I know I will be running 4 days for a total of 16 miles.  Now I need to figure out how and when to do the other required workouts.  🙂

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