Random Thoughts Thursday 134

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I saw these bags at Starbucks.  I would have bought one but not sure if I like the design.  How about an image of a cup of coffee or something coffee related.  Do you like it?

Starbucks bag-1

• Saw this and it made me laugh.  The cold weather doesn’t bother me too much, but the snow is what I don’t like at all.  I don’t know exactly how many weeks it will be till Winter but I am not looking forward to it.

Winter and snow.jpg

• Every year we have to do a few video trainings and some of them are just ridiculous.   I do roll my eyes whenever I see the list.  I remember at one point I would have to watch over 10 of them.  This year is just 5.  I did check out the list of optional sessions and was surprised to see “Telephone etiquette” and “Timeout”.  

GCN Training-1

GCN Training-2

Last week I wrote about how I was contacted by a University for a Freshman orientation.  I was contacted again.  Yes, I was annoyed and even so when he asked me which high school I graduated from.  I did assume he thought I graduated this year.  Let’s hope I don’t get another email.

Freshman session email-3.jpg

You all know I am a Tieks fan.  This is their new shoe that will be released soon.  Isn’t it a pretty color?  Of course I don’t need them, but I do want them.




Tuesday Topics: My running gear

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics! 

Tuesday Topics-53

This week’s Tuesday Topic:  Where do you buy your running gear You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I have enough running gear that I seriously do not need to buy more.  But that did not stop me from placing two orders last week.  I have no self control.

Last week I posted on Instagram that I had 6 new pairs of shoes in boxes.  I found a pair of the Brooks Levitate 1 in my room.  No more shoes for me.  I hope Brooks does not make anymore cute shoes that would want me to buy them.  I do have enough pairs to last me for at least 2 years.  


Brooks Shoes-24.jpg

I also have plenty of socks, tops, jackets, shorts, and pants.  Let’s not forget the accessories.  So where do I buy all of this good stuff?

✔️ Oiselle.  This where I buy most of my running clothes.  Like most running clothes, it isn’t cheap but I’ve been able to purchase a lot of it on sale.  If it is something that I like very much (i.e. long rogas) then I will buy them at full price.  Sometimes by the time there is a sale, the ones I want are no longer available.  I must have about 30 pairs of the long rogas (that is how much I like them).

Oiselle Gear-23

✔️Running Warehouse and Zappos.  I love their great customer service.  I’ve never had any problem with any of my orders or returns.  Running Warehouse’s return policy is 90 days but they’re accepted a few of mine past 90 days.  Zappos’s return policy is one year.  How awesome is that!!

✔️ Amazon.  Pretty much everything can be bought on Amazon.  I’ve ordered Tailwind, Huma gels, UCAN, Nathan handheld, and a Nathan hydration running vest.  I also have a monthly subscription for Nuun.  With the hot weather I’ve been drinking A LOT of it.  Is there such a thing as drinking too much Nuun?  

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: 125.3 miles and Pelothon 2020

Weekly Mileage-64Another week of running 6 days for a total of 25.69 miles.  During the week it wasn’t too hot (but it was humid) but it did warm up on Friday and Saturday.  We were warned.


I’ve run 125.3 miles for the California Coast 500.  I need an additional 124.7 by September 7.  At this rate I am estimating that I will be done at the end of August.

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-7

Tuesday was 3 miles at easy pace.  That means running in zones 1 or 2.


On Thursday my workout was 2 sets of 3:15 with 1:20 recovery.  I did not want to get up but knew I had to because then it would be too hot out there.  I did pretty good and I was proud of myself. 


Friday morning I ran 3 miles again.  I didn’t think I was going that “fast” but it was humid and well you know what happened.  Still I did pretty well.

Saturday morning I ran 8.15 miles.  I woke up at 4am and was undecided on whether I should go to the lake or run by my house.  I decided to go to the lake.  I noticed right away that I wasn’t as tired as I usually am in the morning.  On Friday I told my coach that I was not going to stress out about pace or training zones.  I ran and walked whenever I got the high heart rate alert.  It worked out just fine.  At this point, because it is summer, that is about all I can do.

I was a little annoyed that there were a bunch of teenagers (no masks) hanging out (it was 6am so they must have been out there from the night before).  Oh and I saw a slow moving car with the passenger door open and someone’s head sticking out.  I think you know what she was doing.  I was grossed out.  This was in a different area that I never run by and don’t think I will again.  Oh, and I was disgusted by all of the garbage that people left too.

I finished Week 1 of Pelothon 2020 of team #LegendsofFun.  I took 6 classes.  When I first signed up for this challenge I thought it would be all cycling classes.  Boy was I wrong!  I am glad for this challenge because I am being exposed to other instructors and different classes.  I actually enjoyed the meditation class.  🙂  I know I said I would never take another running class , but I took one today and it was actually fun!  I enjoyed the music and the 20 minutes went by fast.

Pelothon 2020-3.jpg

Pelothon 2020-2.jpg

Overall it was a good week.  I am enjoying my time off, but still need to finish decluttering.  I am reading “The Hummingbird’s Daughter” and need to finish it by next Sunday to discuss it with friends on a Zoom book club meeting.

The Hummingbird's Daughter-1

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

Weekly Run Down.jpg



Random Thoughts Thursday 133

Random Thoughts Thursday

• On Monday I received 3 emails from Texas A&M University inviting me to a Freshman session.  I would have simply deleted the email but I got 3 emails within half an hour.  I was at Staples picking up some crayons and in my rush I quickly wrote a response and did not check before sending it.  I was horrified when I saw what I wrote.

• The Chicago Marathon in cancelled.  I knew it was going to happen.  No way would it have taken place after many races have already been cancelled.  

Chicago Marathon 2020 cancelled.jpg

• I agree with this comment.  There was a Board Meeting yesterday for our District and many people expressed safety concerns.  I honestly don’t know what the correct plan is but I really doubt that our schools will be open in the Fall. 

Back to school statement

Anyone doing the Pelothon 2020?  I am on team #LegendsofFun.  I like that I am not only being exposed to other instructors, but also encouraged to take different types of classes.  I mainly take cycling classes with Cody.  Yesterday I took a 10 minute meditation class and I liked it.

Pelothon 2020-1

Last week I wrote about how I was annoyed that my Starbuck stars expired.  I did contact someone and he added them back to my account.  



Tuesday Topics: My favorite running views/places

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics! 

Tuesday Topics-52

This week’s Tuesday Topic:  What are your favorite running views/places You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I live and run in Chicago.  There are so many places to run in the city, but yet I haven’t really ventured out that much.  I like to keep it easy and simple.  There are a few times where I will drive to a different location but haven’t done so in the past couple of months because of Covid.  Now I am just comfortable with my routine.  Maybe next year I will get out there.

In no specific order I am going to list a few of my favorite places:

✔️ The Lakefront.  From one end to the other it is 18 miles.  I’ve run 18 miles a few times while training with CARA for the Chicago Marathon.  The actual program is 20 miles so 2 miles are added somewhere at the start (and maybe the end).  I used to go there more often but then stopped since I started running more by my house.  Then it was closed and it recently opened up again a few weeks ago.  Plus the views are great!

✔️ By my house.  So easy and convenient.  I’ve been doing the same route for a few years but sometimes I go the opposite direction for some variety.  My usual route can take me to Midway Airport which is about 1.5 miles from my house.  This is perfect for a warm-up.  Running around the airport is about 3.25-3.5 miles.  There is an area that is closed off so you either have to turn around or use the side streets which would then take you away from the airport.  Still it is a great place for running where you’ll get 3 or 6 miles or uninterrupted running (no stop lights).  I like to see the planes and think about there the people are coming from or going to.  

✔️ The Morton Arboretum.  It is located in Lisle, IL and it take me about 45 minutes to get there.  You need to be a member in order to get in.  The first time I was there was last year during a field trip during summer school.  I think I purchased a membership a few months later.  I enjoy going there but hate to drive that long.  I know, I know.  It should not be an excuse.  I like that it is very different from my normal route but it has HILLS.  Wow!  

✔️ Waterfall Glen.  It is located in Darien and it is about 30 minutes from my house.  I don’t think it is as hilly as the Arboretum but there are some hills.  I love going there during the Fall or after it rains.  There is a dirt smell that I like.  It is weird but I find that smell very comforting.

Tuesday Topics

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