A fun snow day

We had another snow day on Friday.  At first I did complain because I was anxious to go back to school on Friday.  I had my stuff ready on Thursday night and was getting ready to go back to bed when I received “the call”.  What?  Are you sure?  That is what I said to the person that delivered the “good news”.  Oh well, I guess I will stay home.

Friday morning came and I wondered what I was going to do.  I sent a text to my friend to tell her I had another day off and she told me to go over to her house.  Splendid idea!  I had “nothing” to do so I got ready and made the drive to her house.  We had no idea what we were going to do but we knew for sure that we were not going to stay home.

Of course first we had to eat breakfast.  Let’s not forget the coffee since we both LOVE it.  Then we went to Target and spent 2 hours there.  I just love that store!  I can always find something to buy whether or not I need it.  Then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Awesome store too!  I love the way it smells!!!  By then it was lunchtime so we ate at Hugo’s Frog Bar.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The food there is delicious.  We started off with a pear blossom martini and baked goat  cheese.  Yummy!  Then I had lobster bisque and chargrilled marinated shrimp.  Wonderful!  Oh yeah and another martini.  We both wanted creme brulee but did not have any more room to eat so we ordered two of them to take home.  🙂

Last stop was to Ann Taylor Loft.  Great store and even better when there is a huge sale going on…60% off.  I bought a dress, a top, and sweater for about $45 and I even used my teacher discount.  I was very pleased with my purchase.  Then we went home.

You’d think that by now I would not want to eat anymore right?  Wrong.  Dinner time came and we had pizza at her house with a pomegranate martini.  Delicious.  Oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever had three martinis in one day.  That is OK though since I was enjoying my day off.  I had such a wonderful time and grateful for that snow day.

On a different note, I went to see a physical therapist and it looks like I don’t have an injury.  Big relief.  My hip, quads, and hamstrings are tight.  More stretching and less running is what I need to do.  At least I wasn’t told to stop running because that would have made me very sad.  So now I won’t run the marathon in March but might do one in May.  That is OK though.  I need to take care of this tightness so as not to make it worse.

I signed up for the Hartford Marathon.  Yay!!!  I am looking forward to it.  I also get to see and spend time with my two dear friends.  That sure makes me smile.


That is the name of my cat.  She has been with me for almost 15 years.  She makes me laugh and smile.  I talk to her everyday and call her “Beautiful” because she is beautiful.  Lately she has not been feeling good.  She does not eat.  I took her to the vet and found out she has cancer.  I did not take it well.  Cancer?  But how?  Cats are like humans in that they can get every disease, infection, etc that humans get.  I am very sad about it.  She makes me smile and that is why I am writing about her here.  I don’t know how much longer she will be around but I just want her close to me as possible.

Below is a photo.  So cute!!!


I did not make it to the Athletico today because of the weather.  Holy macaroni!!!!  We got so much snow yesterday and today.  School was canceled today and tomorrow.  Ugh, that means we will be done by June 17th.  Below is a photo taken last night.


Is it a sign?

The SunTrust National Marathon is less than two months away and I still don’t know if I am going to do it.  Why you ask?  You see, the marathon is on a Saturday which means I need to miss work on Friday and fly out that morning.  Also, that Friday is the last day before Spring Break and I am technically not supposed to be off before or after Spring Break.  So, I wrote a letter back in October to the Superintendent asking for “permission” to be off on Friday.  I did not get a response so I sent it again in December.  Still no answer.  Really?  How long does it take to make a decision?  It is a simple answer “yes” or “no”.  So frustrating.

I believe that things happen for a reason.  Yes, I am a true believer of that even though many times I don’t like the things that happen.  I got a late start to my marathon training.  I am cramming an 18 week training program into 12 weeks.  I have had to increase mileage and I think I am paying for it.  The last week or so I have had a pain on my right hip.  Now I feel the pain extending to the inner thigh down to the inside part of the knee.  Yesterday I had to run 11 miles but could only do 4.  I wanted to keep on going but was feeling the pain and did not want to make it worse.  So, I asked myself Is this a sign?  Should I skip the marathon in March and instead take my time and do one in May?  Or is it just an unfortunate injury?

Any idea on what kind of injury it might be?  My guess is Iliotibial Band Syndrome but need to see a doctor to be sure.  I am a member of Athletico so I will start there and them do an injury screen.  Well, with this pain it means that I cannot run.  🙁  This makes me sad because I enjoy running and look forward to it.  However, being injury free is much more important. 


S-L-O-W down…….

That is what I kept telling myself today during my long run.  I had to do an 11 mile run and at some point was running faster than usual.  I knew I could have but knew that I shouldn’t especially when it is cold and windy outside.  However, glad to say that it was a little bit warmer than last week.  🙂  Bottom line, it is difficult to run outside during the winter.  I am running again tomorrow.  I guess maybe I could get used to this.

I decided to run the Hartford Marathon this year.  Yep, no more Chicago Marathon and the crazy weather.  I had signed up for the Hartford Marathon 2 years ago but due to back problems I couldn’t do it.  Since it was on a Saturday and during the weekend before Columbus Day I had to leave on Friday and miss a teacher institute day.  Also, I am not supposed to be off the day before or after a holiday.  Well, I sure got grief about it from the superintendent.  I was told that I was not fulfilling to my obligations as a teacher and why did I have to go out of state for a marathon when there is one in Chicago?  Oh, I was so annoyed and maybe that is what contributed to the injuries.  JK.  Well, this year’s marathon is AFTER Columbus Day so I anticipate no problems from ANYONE.

I read a few blogs about the movie “Hood to Coast” and regret not watching it.  I hope either it will be shown again or available on DVD soon.  I have seen “Spirit of the Marathon” twice and got inspired each time I saw it.Well, so far have ran 42 miles and have 958 miles to go.  I KNOW I will achieve that goal. 

Brrr, it is cold outside.

I have signed up to do a marathon in March and decided not to do all of my training on a treadmill.  So yesterday I head out to run around the airport.  I live close to Midway Airport in Chicago and each loop is about 4 miles.  I knew it was cold so I had three layers of clothing.  Apparently it is not enough because I was still cold.  I made it once and kept on to run another loop.  I did have to stop a few times because it was windy.  It order to feel better I told myself that at least it was better than running along the lakefront because I’m sure it was even more windy.  I met my goal and ran 8 miles.  Will I do it again?  Absolutely!!!  I am looking forward to it next Saturday.

I have Spring Break March 28-April 1 which is the week before the SunTrust National Marathon.  My plan is to fly out to DC on Friday morning, run the marathon on Saturday and stay there for a few days.  I just LOVE DC!!!  I swear that in a previous life I lived there.  Anyway, my nephew lives there so I plan to spend time with him and then head out to Philadelphia and Boston.  Three trips in one week and I am excited about it.

Next week we start with ISEL testing at our school.  These are standardized (yuk) tests given to elementary school students to test them on reading, letter recognition, spelling, and letter sounds.  As any teacher knows it is time consuming and I don’t really like it.  However, I do like to see the progress made by my students and see how they advance throughout the year.