Weekly Run Down: Summer School and a new level of exhaustion

This week was my first week of Summer School and it left me exhausted.  I have 13 students on my roster but 11 have shown up.  I like having them in the room.  I like being able to talk to them in person.  I like that I can give them assignments online and on paper.  I can see their actual work.  I was doing OK in the beginning and then I was very tired.  The heat could have been a factor too.  I was so tired that I didn’t do my usual workouts on Thursday or Friday but went out for a run/walk for one mile.  I am so close to 300 days and will not stop now.

I was up and ready to go Monday morning despite being up late the night before prepping for this week.  It was cooler in the morning which made the run more bearable.  I did enjoy it!  I came home and both cats were sleeping after being up all night.  ¡Caramba!

Tuesday and Wednesday’s weather was decent too in the morning.  It did warm up later in the day.  But by Thursday and Friday I just wanted to stay in bed.  Ha, I didn’t.  It rained hard on Friday morning and there was a lot of wind and lightning.  

Saturday morning I woke up early and didn’t feel as tired.  I had 7 miles on my plan.  I thought 5 would be good enough.  I made it to 6 before heading home.  I saw two black bunnies which surprised me because I hadn’t seen any that color.

This is the school I am teaching this Summer.  It is new and I want to work here from now on.  Everything is new and clean.  Even the bathrooms are very clean!

One of the things I struggle with being an educator is speaking out.  I can voice my thoughts and opinions to my coworkers.  However, I “have” to be careful when I do that with an administrator.  Last year I received a call from my Principal after I responded to an email sent by the the top tech guy.  I guess I was not nice enough and either he called or emailed the Principal.  She told me that she knew I was going through some rough times and to pretty much stay off email.  I was very upset!  I think I cried too.  I wasn’t upset at her but more that it got to that point.  So I am not supposed to email the the top guys?

I do worry about repercussions.  Teachers have been demoted and moved simply because they do not agree with administrators.  A few of my coworkers have told me not to be afraid to speak out.  I guess that happens in every workplace?  🤷🏻‍♀️ As I mentioned before, the days prior to Summer School were very confusing.  There was very little communication from the administrator.  Things are definitely better.  However, on Friday I found out that I will not get paid for the hours I spent last week prior to the first day of school.  We didn’t get any time to get ready nor to plan.  We couldn’t even go into the classroom to set up.  Teachers from other schools did get that option.  We were basically expected to show up Monday morning and be ready.  I don’t work like that.

Before school ended my coworker helped me draft a letter to the person in charge of Summer School.  In it she wrote about how disorganized the process has been and the lack of communication.  I did not send it.  I was irritated on Friday and told myself that once I calmed down I was going to update the letter and send it to her and other people.  I haven’t yet but I will.  It isn’t so much about the money but the principle.  The District always expects us to do extra work outside our work hours (many of us already do that anyway) with no compensation.  They do not realize that they give us more work than necessary but no time to get it done.

The same thing happens prior to the start of the school year.  Many teachers spend hours and days setting up the classroom prior to the first day of school.  This year our first day of school is August 23rd.  I am tempted to show up that Monday morning with nothing set up nor planned.  But I know if I do that then I will regret it because then I will spend hours and days later on to prepare.  I like to be ready.  I do not well when I am not.

What a week!  Lots of emotions but moving along.  Let’s see how it goes next week.

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Fit Five Friday: 5 things to remember from June 2020

Join me as I go down memory lane again to remember a few things from June 2020.  I did a similar one in April.  I am enjoying reading again posts from last year and seeing how some things have changed.

🗓️ Graduation celebrations – Last year there were none.  They were all celebrated via caravans.  It is great to see that they’re all taking place right now.  Two weeks ago my nephew graduated from HS and then my niece graduated on Friday.  I did not go but at least they and family members got to attend the actual graduation.

🗓️ Summer School – After more than a year of remote learning, some students are back in the classroom.  Last school year there were 3 in my room.  For Summer School I have 13 students on my roster but 11 have shown up.  It is nice to have them in the room but it is also exhausting.  😀 Plus I can honestly see how much school they lost this past year.  This is getting me ready for the 2021-2022 school year.  Also, 

🗓️  Phase 5 – And in the blink of an eye, we are now in Phase 5. Things are looking more normal now.  I am still wearing a mask when I go to the store, doctor, etc, and have met up with family members a few times.  Feels good to get together, eat, and laugh.

🗓️ Have not moved yet – This year it is ever harder since it is a seller’s market.  Some of the houses around where I live are selling for higher prices than last year.  I still want to move so I need to figure out exactly what to do.

🗓️ Virtual races – Remember how last year this was all we did?  I did them to keep me motivated.  Real races are finally taking place this year and a few of you have participated in them.  I have yet to do so.  Though one of my favorite races, Elmhurst 4 on the 4th, is actually taking place.  

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Tuesday Topics: Running while sick

This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  Do you run when you’re sick?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.   Feel free to post any running related blog post.   Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

Today is day #291 of my run streak.  I’ve run in cold, freezing, humid, and hot weather.  I’ve run in the snow and in the rain.  What will actually make me NOT run?  It will either be an injury or being sick.  But exactly how sick will I need to be?  Let’s find out.

Let me start by saying that I rarely get sick.  I guess working 12 years with students has paid off.  😀 When I do get sick, I get a cold that lasts 3-4 days and it usually happens 1-2 times a year.  The last time (that I can remember) I got a cold was in January 2020.

To run or not to run?

I’ve worked with several coaches and they’ve told me that if my symptoms are above the neck (sneezing, runny nose, etc) then it is OK to run as long as you feel good.  However, if they’re in or below the neck (sore throat, diarrhea, body aches, chills, etc), then skip the run.  For the former, it should also be a personal choice.  If you want to skip it then go ahead.  Nothing wrong with taking a rest day.  If you do run, keep it easy or run fewer miles than what is on the plan. 

If you have a fever, then you should not run at all.  Running will raise the body’s core temperature and in return could increase the risk of dehydration or delay recovery time.  One or two rest days to bring the fever down is better than days or weeks that you may need to take off if the situation gets worse.

The last time I felt sick enough to skip a run was the day after I received my 2nd vaccine.  I ran in the morning and then used the Peloton bike.  It was later in the morning when I had chills and my whole body ached.  I was working from home (thank goodness!) and somehow made it through the work day.  No way could I run after school and am glad I ran that morning.  See, another reason why I don’t like to procrastinate!  I did feel much better in the evening and ran again the next morning.

 Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Done with school and 6 years with Lola

Another great week of running!  The weather sure made it tough but I got it done.  The best thing that happened this week was the end of the school year.  I was so done with the school year that I didn’t even attend the end of school year parade.  I just wanted to go home.

schools out

It’s been sunny and warm in the morning and I have to get out earlier.  I get up around 4 to use the bathroom and feed my cats.  I go back to sleep and wake up at 6am.  By the time I get dressed, drink my coffee, and use the bathroom, it is almost 7am.  That is the the time I need to be done with my run.

Saturday’s run went much better than the week before.  This time I wore a hat and carried two small water bottles.  My Oiselle pocket jogger shorts are perfect to store/hold the bottles!

Today’s workout felt hard.  I ran 4 miles and then 4-45 second surges with one minute recovery, and then a cool down till I reached 5 miles.  The 4 miles were slower than usual.  I did manage negative splits on my intervals which surprised me.  I did the same workout on Monday and even though I ran 5.02 miles, I finished 6 minutes faster.

I start Summer School tomorrow and I am already frustrated with it.  As of now I have 13 students.  Communication has not been very good between Administration and staff.  I had a meeting with the Principal on Wednesday and another one with the English Learners Department on Thursday.  I left those two meetings frustrated and not wanting to work anymore this Summer.  We did not get time to plan/set up classroom but yet we’re expected to be ready tomorrow morning.  I am planning to spend a few hours this evening planning for this week.  And yes I have asked about being compensated.

In non-running nor school related news, a mama pigeon has been living in the balcony.  She has been there for two weeks.  We know there are 2 eggs.  One more week and the eggs will hatch.

Today marks 6 years that I brought Lola home.  She was so little!  She follows me everywhere.  I know she misses me when I leave the house.

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Fit Five Friday: 5 fun things I am planning to do during Summer break

I am finally on Summer Break!  Today is my second day and while I still woke up early, it felt good NOT to go to school.  Today I am taking my mother to the doctor for two appointments and then have a family gathering in the evening.  Busy day!  Next week I start Summer School and will be done July 9th.  

Bitmoji Image

As much as I would love to stay home and not leave my house unless it is absolutely necessary, I know that is not what I should do.  Illinois enters Phase 5 today and hopefully soon things will feel normal.  

Let’s check out my list!

☑️ Do more runs along the Lakefront.  I miss it.  My excuse was that I didn’t have enough time to run there, come back home, and get read for work.  

☑️ Go to the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Chicago.  I’ve heard good things about it and I am sure it will be fun.

☑️ Get together with friends.  Since this whole pandemic started, I’ve done this maybe 5 times.  I know I am introvert and while I may not meet with a large group, 2-3 friends is fine.  We all need to eat, right?

☑️ Travel.  A quick trip for a few days is just what I need.  I would love to travel to Mexico because my mother hasn’t been there in two years.  Two cities for sure I would like to visit are NY and Washington, DC.


☑️ Read.  Maybe some of you do not consider this fun but I love to read.  Right now I have 3 books from the library.  I need to check out Cari and Wendy’s blog because they have mentioned the books they’ve read in their posts.

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