Weekly Run Down: 3 day work week and snow

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It was a cold week with snow and ice but I am happy that it will warm up this week!  I ran twice this week compared to 5 last week.  I hate running in the snow and I didn’t feel like going to the gym to run on the treadmill.  

I know many of you have a separate Facebook page for running.  Whatever you post on said page, do you repost /share it on your personal page?  I am finally using my running page (The Running Teacher) and post here and there but am wondering if I should also repost/share on my personal page since I know not everyone follows The Running Teacher.  I hope that made sense!  🙂

I knew snow was in the forecast but I was in denial.  Monday morning I woke up and saw the snow.  I still went out to run and did not make it far.  The snow was coming down fast and it was hard to see.  I ran 2.85 miles which I am surprised I made it that far.  

I was supposed to be off that day but ended up going to work.  Well, not exactly work because it was an Institute Day.  We spent a few hours learning about Standard-Based Grading.  So boring.  Plus, we’ve been hearing about it for about 3-4 years so I am not sure when we will start implementing it.  Waste of time.

Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences and was pleased that 12 out of 16 parents showed up.  One of my coworkers had all 19 parents show up!  I’ve never had all parents show up on parent/teacher conference.  It was cold that day and even I did not want to go.  

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I went to IHOP for breakfast on Tuesday morning and this was the parking lot.  Ugh!

My sister likes to complain that it is cold in San Antonio.  Haha!  We want 40 degrees in December.

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The rest of the week went by fast.  Well, I only worked for 3 days.  Kids were fine Wednesday and Thursday but by Friday it was downhill.  I was so angry at the end of the day.  Not only do my kids talk a lot but sometimes they don’t want to do the most simple thing.  We are reading “Tia Isa Wants a Car” in Spanish.  They have a hard time understanding that book and I end up explaining EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE.  Huh?  The book is in Spanish.  Why is it hard to understand?  I asked a question and they are supposed to provide evidence and they don’t even want to look in their book.  Same thing in Math.  I asked them to work on a problem in their book and most just stared at me or the wall.  They didn’t even write the equation in their book and I wrote it on the board!!!!

I left Friday feeling like failure.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it me?  What more can I do?  

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Saturning morning was “warmer” and it felt good being out there. 


My cats getting along.  This photo makes me happy.  🙂

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My birthday is on Wednesday.  Make sure to join Kim and me for our Weekly Topics Linkup to learn about “What are your Winter weather running tips?”  Plus, I will have a giveaway in honor of my birthday.  Don’t miss it!

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Random Thoughts Thursday 98

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone excited to see the new “Frozen” movie?  I loved the first one and the second one will be interesting.  Another movie I am excited about is “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”.  As a kid I remember watching the show and remember when he took his shoes off and then did something with his sweater.

• These memes are HILARIOUS.  I am loving all of them and laugh at each one.

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• We got more snow on Monday.  Honestly, I don’t mind too much the snow or cold weather.  What I really, really hate is the ice.  Next week it will be in the high 40s so I am happy to know the ice will melt.

• On Tuesday we had parent/teacher conferences.  Conferences went from 11:30am-3:30 pm and then again from 5:30-7pm.  All but 4 parents showed up.  I am actually surprised that many showed up since it was very cold that day.  Most of them went well but I had to bite my tongue with one set of parents because they refuse to acknowledge that their son needs more help than I can give him.  


• Just another photo of my little guy.  I love him so much and am excited when I get home.  I wonder if Lola, my other cat, feels like I neglect her.  I don’t.  Mateo is very dramatic and craves attention.  He likes to sit on top of the radiator to stay warm.


Tuesday Topics: How I warm up before a run

Brrr, it is cold here.  I am not liking the snow nor the weather.  Yesterday I went out for a run in the snow and had to cut it short because it was just too much.  Winter isn’t here yet (though it feels like it), but I already want warmer weather.

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This week’s Tuesday Topic: How I warm up before a run?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to Link-up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

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Even though I know I should be doing it more, I only warm up when I remember or when I have time.  However, I do warm up with a cup of coffee.  I never leave the house without first drinking a cup.  I know, I know, that is not the kind of warm this week’s topic is about.  🙂

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Benefits of warm up include:
• Raises your body temperature.  Dynamic warm-up exercises raise your body temperature by heating up your muscles.
• Enhances muscle performance.
• Boosts heart function.
• Improves the load distribution in your joints.
• Prevents injuries.


While I don’t always warm up, I do stretch my calves and quads (static stretching).  That’s it.  However, I read that there is no evidence that static stretching is actually beneficial.  Also, stretching cold muscles isn’t a good idea either which is what I’ve been doing.  I am actually doing everything wrong! 

What is actually recommended to do before a run is walking briskly, marching, jogging slowly, or cycling on a stationary bike.  Then do dynamic stretches/exercises such as walking lunges, jumping jacks, or opposite toe touches.  I remember when I was a CES pacer, we had to do dynamic stretches before our run.  So why is it that I cannot continue to do them now?  

Do you warm up before heading out for a run?   What do you do?  Thoughts from running coaches?

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Cold weather and a good week of running

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Hello there!  It is cold here and I am not ready for it.  Well despite the weather, I made it outside for 5 runs.  I am excited because I will be running/training with DWRunning this month.  Plus, I have a half marathon next month so I had to stop being lazy and run.  🙂

I received a new pair of Oiselle tights.  They’re reflective and I love them!  For sure car drivers can see me.

Most of my runs usually end with a “0” at the end.  On Tuesday morning just when I was almost done with my run, I was about to turn into my street when I saw a van also turn and park on the street.  Coincidence?  I don’t know and I didn’t wait to find out.  I kept running to the next street (one block east) and then another block to head home.    During the day it wouldn’t have bothered me but it was still dark and it did freak me out a little.

Check out Mateo’s tie.  Doesn’t he look handsome?


I saw Deborah’s new shoes on Instagram and knew I had to get them too.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

Saturday morning was sunny but also cold and windy.  My goal was to run 1 hour.  The plan was to run for 30 minutes and then turn around to head back home.  Then I decided to run 2 miles, run to the next major street and then head back home.  I wasn’t looking at pace nor distance but figured it would be around 5 miles or so.  I got home and saved my run without looking at how far or how long I had run.  Ha, I ran 4.97 miles.  Did it bother me?  Not really.  It used to before but not anymore.

Sunday morning wasn’t too cold.  It was in the high 30s and it felt good being out there.  I ran 3 miles since I had to be back home in time to shower, get ready, and meet some friends for breakfast at 9am.


Overall, it was a good week for me.  I am pleased with my 5 days of running.  I did take one Peloton class on Thursday.  It was fun biking through France!

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Random Thoughts Thursday 97

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Sometimes it is hard to be positive.  But no matter what is going on in my life, I am grateful for everything I have. 

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• I remember the first time I watched “Coco”.  I cried.  I will never get tired of that movie.  It was the perfect movie to watch on Saturday (the last day of Day of the Dead).


• While watching the NYC Marathon, I entered the early drawing for the 2020 marathon.  I was not picked.  That’s OK because my entry is entered in the general lottery and will find out in February if I get picked.  Cross your fingers for me!

• I like Christmas music but I think it is too early for radio stations to play it on the radio.  A radio station in Chicago started playing it on Tuesday.  Oh, and they play it all day long.  

Christamas music on radio.jpg

• I have parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday.  Not sure who will want this more.  Teachers or parents?  🙂

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