Month: August 2012

Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon in Bloomington, Minnesota

On Sunday I ran a half marathon in Minnesota. This makes state #6.  I chose this race because I heard positive things about these series of races, it would be a new state, and would consist of a one night trip.

I arrived in Bloomington around 11 am.  I did not want to pay $30 for a cab so I waited 40 minutes for the hotel shuttle.  While waiting I met another runner from Baltimore that was also running a race in each state.  On the way to the hotel, the shuttle made a stop at Mall of America.  I knew I had to make my way there soon.  I finally arrived at the hotel, checked in, and went to get some lunch.  After lunch I went to the expo for my bib.  The expo was small but with enough vendors.  I bought more headbands, a travel size foam roller, and a Brooks shirt.

After the expo I went to my room to rest.  I almost did not make it downstairs to get on the shuttle that was going to Mall of America.  I am so glad I did.  Impressive mall!  An amusement park inside the mall?  Roller coaster and ferris wheel?  Wow!  And let’s not forget the stores.  Almost every store featured in a magazine was in that mall.

photo (4)

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I was up at 5am on Sunday morning.  I ate a Cliff Bar, drank coffee, changed, and made my way down to the lobby.  Luckily the hotel was providing transportation to the starting line.  By this time it was about 68 degrees and HUMID!  Ready or not, off I went.

photo (1)

All I can say is rolling hills galore!!  I’ve ran plenty of half marathons and this was by far the most difficult race ever!  I definitely struggled.  Around mile 2 there was this LONG hill.  I walked through most of it.  Once I reached the top, then it was down hill.  This was pretty much the whole course.  As soon as you were down hill, there was another hill to tackle.  I knew then that I was not going to get a finish time of 2:30 or better.  By then my goal was just to finish.  There were plenty of water stops and in some areas good crowd support.  About .5 before the finish line there was this LONG down hill that I felt like I was going to fall and roll my way down.  But then there was another small hill with a down hill and then the finish line.  Definitely not a good idea.


So what did I think about the race?  I hated the course.  I loved the goody bag.  So cute!  The shirt is nice.  The race was well organized.  Plenty of port-a-potties.  I liked the transportation to and from the hotel at the beginning and at the end of the race.  Will I do another WHM race?  Absolutely!  I am planning to do the one in Nashville on September 22.

Finish time was 2:49:25.  Definitely NOT my best time.  Actually, this is my worst time!  🙂  That’s OK.  I am glad I finished it instead of giving up.

What was your worst race?  When and why?


MIA but I am back!

No, I am not in Miami.  Although, it does sound like a good idea to go at the moment.

My last post was exactly 2 months ago.  Time sure flies by.  I am still enjoying my summer vacation.  However, first day back is the 27th.  I can start setting up my classroom as early as the 20th.  I plan to do that.  It takes me about 2-3 days to get organized enough to teach for a few days.  Then I work on my classroom throughout the year.

So many things have happened since my last post.  Let’s see.  I went to Boston and Hartford.  I had so much fun!!  My favorite things were the whale watching and day trip to Salem.

In Hartford I stayed with a friend a mine and together we went to a rose garden in Elizabeth Park.  There was a wedding taking place and it just looked so beautiful!


My nephew was in town from San Antonio so we went with another nephew many times to the movie theater.  We also went to the beach, Six Flags Great America, and bowling.  The boys loved it!!  I love my two boys!  He went back home on Thursday so it is a little quiet in the house.

I live in an apartment with my sister that is owned by my younger sister.  I have lived here for three years and have dealt with pure misery during the hot summer months.  Two years ago I invested in several window units that helped a bit.  However, this summer was just HORRIBLE!!  Well, apparently my sister had applied to some city program that “gave” her new windows throughout the building AND central air!!!!  Such a happy moment.  We had workers in the building for two weeks.  First, the new windows were installed.  The window units were gone.  Then the work began for the central air.  They worked from about 7am-3pm.  Furniture had to be moved and there was dust everywhere!  I took this opportunity to go through my stuff to decide what to keep, throw away, or sell in a garage sale.  Of course it was during these two weeks that temperatures were in the 100s so I was miserable here.  I told myself that it would be worth it at the end.  Sure enough when the workers were done it was pure joy and heaven to have cool air in the house.

I bought two new pairs of gym shoes, Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Pure Connect.  I LOVE, LOVE the Glycerin. So comfortable!  My feet finally don’t hurt anymore after I run.  As for the Pure Connect, I have yet to run in them because I was planning to use them for speed workouts and it so happens that I am taking a break from speed workouts.  Why?  Well, I have issues with my IT band, right hamstring, and weak gluteus maximus.  It hurts to run fast.  I can run but only for a short distance and slow.  I took a two week break and then ran on the treadmill.  My first run was 2.5 miles and then my second one was 3 miles.  Felt good when I was done.  I am going to physical therapy two times a week to deal with these issues.

I decided not to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  It was a combination of lack of motivation and injuries.  I know, excuses, excuses.  🙁  Instead, I decided to focus on the smaller races, in particular half marathons.  I am still on a mission to do a half in each state.  I am on the road to recovery and am planning a few races before my bunion surgery in November.  Well, that is the plan.  I will know more once I go back to school and look into the required time off.  My doctor told me a full recovery takes about 6-8 weeks.  The longer I am off my feet, the better I will recover.

I got into a car accident two week ago.  Not my fault.  I was rear ended.  I am OK but have pain in neck and lower back.  I am seeing a chiropractor for the pain.  I have been rear ended so many times.  I think at least 5 times with the car I have now (Honda CRV).  I am convinced it is cursed and I need to get rid of it.  My next car will be a Nissan Rogue.

Well, that pretty much summarized my summer break.  I am not doing everything I was planning to do but that is OK.  I am still having fun.  So how is your summer coming along?