Month: December 2013

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

This year I ran a total of 14 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathons.  I am so glad I purchased the TourPass last year.  I know it is available for next year and if you are on a mission to run a race in each state then the TourPass is for YOU!

Each race is different but special to me.  Each race gave me the opportunity to visit a new city and I enjoyed my stay in each one.  So in  a nutshell.  Arizona was my first one.  I loved the weather and the course.  St. Petersburg was a HOT one.  Too bad it is cancelled for next year.  I cried when I got to the hotel and found out my reservation had been cancelled.  Luckily they were able to accommodate me and get me a room at the last minute.  I just LOVE, LOVE Washington DC.  I swear I lived there in a previous life.  Luckily it did not rain like it was supposed to but there was one killer hill around mile 6. Brutal!  It may not have rained in DC but it was pouring in Nashville.  It rained the whole time I was running up and down those darn hills.  I was MISERABLE.  That was my least favorite race.  Portland was so much better.  Great weather and decent course.  Another trip to the west coast to San Diego. It was a humid race day but I enjoyed my time in San Diego.  And finally another trip to the west coast to Seattle.  It was a hot day and the course was hilly.  Sweet home Chicago!  I love running in my hometown.  That day I also ran my 100th race.  Oh and I was also dehydrated and did not think I was going to finish the race.  And then I went to the east coast to Virginia Beach.  What’s not to like about the beach?  The course was mostly flat but it was HOT and HUMID.  The best part was the finish line by the beach.  Back to the east coast to Philadelphia.  Perfect weather and flat course!  I also enjoyed my time in Philadelphia.  And again to the east coast to Providence.  Great running weather but hilly course.  This is another race that is cancelled for next year.  Oh Cleveland, I was not my usual self that day.  I was tired and dehydrated on race day. However, for being an inaugural race, everything went well without a glitch.  Meet me in St. Louis at The Arch.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday but on race day it was cold (28 degrees).  It did get a little warmer throughout the race.  And saving the best for last but my favorite race was in Las Vegas. It was so much fun to run along the strip at night. The expo was great and the VIP experience was amazing.

In total I received 22 medals.  My favorite is the “Rock Idol” I got for running 10 RnR races.  I got that one in Philadelphia.


I have no regrets at all for traveling across the country to run these races.  It was worth it!  I learned a lot about myself during each trip and made the best out of each one.

Have you ran any RnR races?  If so, which one has been your least favorite and/or favorite race?


Detergent for Stinky Running Clothes

Let’s talk about stinky running clothes.  Over the years I’ve had my share of stinky clothes.  I tried various detergents to remove the smell. When that didn’t work, I simply threw away the clothes.  I felt bad doing so but there was no way I was going to donate them and have someone else wear them. Here is what I’ve used:

  • WIN High Performance Sport Detergent
  • Penguin Sportwash Laundry Detergent
  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport
  • Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent

My clothes were clean but after a while I would notice a faint smell that just wouldn’t go away. Maybe it was time for new clothes?  I even added vinegar and that did help a bit.  One day I was at Target and saw the Seventh Generation Laundry Packs.  They were on clearance and I decided to buy one box.  I used them to wash my running clothes and let me just say that they’re no longer stinky.  I purchased the Mandarin and Sandalwood which left a clean, light scent on my clothes.  I finally found something that cleans my clothes and makes them smell good.  Each box is about $15  for 50 pods which comes out to $.30 each.  Not a bad deal at all. 

7th generationWhat do you use to wash your running/workout clothes?