Random Thoughts Thursday

• I spent two days working on assignments for my students.  I gave them all a packet on Friday to take home.  I also asked them to log into Google Classroom as that is where additional assignments will be posted.  So far only three students have logged in and two have already submitted assignments.  Part of me is wondering why I am working so hard on all of these assignments?

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• Anyone else might make a trip to the store and return some things?  I am.  I bought two packs of toilet paper and I feel like the store jacked up the price.  Yes, I was one that panicked and went looking for toilet paper.  I found it at Pete’s Market but then found it cheaper at Target.

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 • Exactly!  Our school contract is up this year.   I hope we get a raise.  I hope ALL teachers get a raise and more schools get money.  

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• Check on your extroverted friends. 

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•  Anyone planning to refinance or buy a house?  Now is the perfect time to do it.  Again, wished I had a house to buy.  I am checking every single day.

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  1. Your doing a very important job as a teacher in times like these. Not only the two kids who have submitted their assignments need you, but all the kids do. Thanks for doing such a great job! In my eyes, you’re a true hero.

    • Thanks! I am trying to be positive about all of this. Just makes me sad that some parents are clueless when it comes to their child’s education. I know this is a hard time for everyone so I shouldn’t let it get to me. The weekend is here so I am “off”.

  2. I think that when all of this is over, parents will have a new found appreciation for teachers and all that you do.

    I’m going to go to the supermarket this weekend but after that I probably won’t go for a while since I have enough food to last for a few weeks.

  3. I can’t imagine being a teacher. It’s hard enough when you’re there with your students.

    I’m not an extrovert by any means but also not a recluse. I enjoy the social aspect of running. It motivates me.

    I guess I’ll be alone for a while. Sigh.

      • It is a very sad time. My NYC work has been cancelled until August.

        Working from home is very claustrophobic.

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