Random Thoughts Thursday

• Summer school is going well.  I have 16 students and almost everyone participates in our daily Google Meet session.  The students are also very respectful and well-mannered.  They say “Buenos Dias”, “Gracias, maestra”, and “Que tenga un buen dia, maestra” (Good Morning; Thank you, teacher; Have a good day, teacher.  Many students use “maestra” since they rarely call me Ms. Arroyo).  I rarely hear this from students and it makes me feel good when I hear this now from my students. 

Summer School-1

• I came home from my run and Mateo was waiting for me.  He loves being outside.  Everyday he meows and stands by the door until one of us lets him out.  

• So many graduations this year and no way to celebrate.  Sigh.  We’ve had several caravan parades to honor these graduates.  Plus, there’s been a few birthdays.  It’s been fun but of course it isn’t the same thing.  

Always a teacher.  

Bored Teachers-4

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  1. Great news that summer school is going well for you. Nice to have a small class.

    My cats live the outdoors in the summer

  2. That is awesome your summer students are so responsive. Yay!

    I love that you have a safe outdoor space for Mateo! Our cats love to be on the balcony to soak up the sun and roll around in the dirt.

    • The 2-3 hours I am with them in the morning go by so fast. Before I know it, summer school will be over.

      I’ve had Mateo since September and he didn’t go out at all in the balcony. It wasn’t till about 2 months ago that he went out and it was like a whole new world for him. Now he loves being outside.

  3. Years and years ago, my first cat Puss, would be waiting in the sliding glass doors when I came home from work. Of course Bandit is always waiting. Now that it’s warm, usually by the gate to the backyard.

    Sounds like summer school is going to be good!

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