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Random Thoughts Thursday 54

Random Thoughts Thursday

• For all of those coffee lovers!  It has to be the “real” deal, right?

Regular or decaf coffee
• Anyone eat overnight oats?.  They’re one of my favorite things to eat in the morning.  I bought a few mason jars with wide-mouth lids from Target.  I added oats, almond milk, Orgain protein powder, and moringa (green superfood and a good source of calcium, iron, and fiber).  You can also substitute chia seeds for the oats.  I did both and prefer the oats.

• I am no longer wearing my Fitbit.  I did a Step Bet Challenge for 6 weeks and I decided to take a break from it.  Now instead I am wearing my wraps from Momentum Jewelry.  I love the colors and each message designed to inspire and motivate you.  Right now there is a sale going on, so go to the site to purchase your own.

Momentum Jewelry Wrap-1.jpg

  • You know I have a pen obsession.  My students tell me that I do not need more.  🙂


  • The book I am reading right now.  It may be cheesy and cause some eye rolls, but it is still good.

Nicholas Sparks-1.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 53

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Happy New Year!  How is it already 2019?  How did you ring in the new year?  My sisters and I went to my cousin’s house and I was there till almost 2am.  We ate, drank, laughed, talked, and danced.  Definitely a good time!

Champagne-1.jpg • On Sunday I went to a wedding and had so much fun!  I was listening to the groom’s brother giving his best man speech and a familiar face.  It happened to be my friend’s niece.  She is engaged to the bride’s brother.  Small world!  The wine was delicious and the party favors were adorable.

 • I purchased a new pair of Tieks shoes.  They were available for sale beginning on 12/31 at 11pm CT.  You bet I logged in but so did thousands (??) of other buyers.  There was a huge demand for those shoes, but I managed to buy a pair after midnight .  Can’t wait to get them on Monday.  Yes, I know they’re expensive but to me they’re worth it.  I wrote a little about them HERE.

  • I have a scale at home but rarely get on it.  Well, it needed new batteries and I replaced them on Wednesday.  I wasn’t surprised with the number that I saw.  I have been eating so much during winter break.  🙁

  • Did you ever use the Philosophy lotion, body gel, or eau de toilette?  I decided to just stick to one brand and bought a few items online.  I got got this on sale at Ulta!  This particular scent is new to me but years ago I would wear Pure Grace, Falling in Love, and Amazing Grace.



Random Thoughts Thursday 52

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Merry Christmas!  Did you have a great holiday?  I did.  My sisters and I went to my brother’s house.  It was a full house because his wife’s family from Ecuador were there too.  We ate, talked, and opened gifts.  I was embarrassed because I wasn’t expecting any gifts and left with four gifts.

• I am excited about my new calendar.  My sister and I got a calendar from our local laundromat.  Inside were coupons for one free wash each month.  Hey, it is the little things that I appreciate.  🙂

 Kim and I will be taking over the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.  We are very excited about it and hope that you will link up with us.  Our first post will be Tuesday, January 8.

  • Did you buy any after Christmas decorations.  I was at Target at 7am and bought a few ornaments and a couple of stocking holders.  But what I really wanted was a cat ornament with lights.  There was one but it was for display only.  I went back today and it was gone.  Either someone bought it or it was taken down since it wasn’t available at the store.

• Anyone saw Mary Poppins Returns?  I saw it yesterday and it was such a good movie!!

Random Thoughts Thursday 51

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break!  I am excited and cannot wait.

Make it to winter break.jpg

 • Finished wrapping my gifts for the kiddos.  Since my first year of teaching, I’ve given all of my students two books.

Books for students-1.jpg

 • Have you tried these chocolates?  They are so good.  Got them at Target so hurry and get your bag.  Lola was curious about them too.  No, I didn’t give her any.

  • Another photo of Lola because she is cute.  


 • Happy Holidays!  I hope you have a great day on Tuesdays with loved ones.

Happy Holidays.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 50

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Lola is not a fan of Christmas trees.  I have a little one and right away she knocked it down.  She is lucky she is cute and that I love her.  🙂

Lola-12.jpgThis is what I need to do.

Cat and Christmas tree.jpg

• Did anyone take advantage of the $2.95 sale at Bath and Body Works?  I was at the mall and casually walked in because I had a $15 gift card.  There were so many people and it was because of the sale.  I ended up with 5 bottles and only had to pay 86 cents.

 • All I want for Christmas is a Peloton bike.  Hopefully next year I can get one for sure.


  • This made me laugh because my coworkers and I are obsessed with all of the pens and markers.  I bought 3 boxes during Black Friday and love them!

Poor Teacher.jpg

  • To me holiday/Christmas songs are just songs.  They remind me of when I was a kid and would sing them.  Now there is so much controversy it is annoying.

Christmas Songs Controversy-1.jpg

Christmas Songs Controversy-2.jpg  • This will be me next week. 🙂

Christams activities funny.jpg