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Random Thoughts Thursday 44

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Another interesting Halloween in my classroom.  Kids were excited as usual.  Minimal work was done so it was all about having fun.


• I have no idea how this happenedI don’t remember signing up.  And no I didn’t go to the store to claim my reward.


• I didn’t realize I had so many pairs of Pro Compression socks.  I used to wear them before but now wear Lily Trotters.  

  • Excited to see some “new” records in this training cycle with Mary.   If will be fun to see when I break these records.

  • So trueThought for the Day-1.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 43

Random Thoughts Thursday

• It was a tough day for Lola.


• The time is now to do what you want to do.  Do not wait till tomorrow or for that special day. 

Do not wait till tomorrow.jpg

• For the most part I love Southwest.  I love it even more because I live very close to Midway Airport and can be there in less than 10 minutes.  On my way back from Denver, my flight was supposed to leave at 1:30 but there were mechanical problems and so it was delayed.  The problem was that the agents didn’t know how long it was delayed.  I didn’t receive any email notifications about it till 1:26 letting me know that my flight would leave at 2pm.  It didn’t.  My flight finally left at 3pm.

  Southwest-1.jpg• Brooks Ghost 11 NYC Style!  Aren’t these awesome?  I don’t think I will ever run the NYC Marathon but I think these are adorable.

Random Thoughts Thursday 42

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am going to Denver this weekend.  Excited about it since I’ve never been there.  I am only going for one day to run the RnR Denver Half Marathon.  I’ve been stalking the weather and so far it looks to be good running weather.  I am debating whether to run in shorts or tights.

RnR Denver-1

• Haha, sounds about right.  Seriously, by Friday I am so exhausted that sometimes I just want to get home and rest.Friday Night Dinner

• I keep telling myself to stop buying stuff for my classroom.  No more.  I don’t listen.  🙂 

My Wallet

• I have an old Magnavox TV that I purchased in 1995.  It still works (with an antenna and converter box) and I have it in my room.  The other day the converter box stopped working and I went to the store to buy another one.  I’d forgotten how expensive they are ($40).  Somehow the box started working again and I returned the other one.  I also have an old TV in my living room (maybe from 2001?) and it still works fine too.  Not that great but well enough that I don’t need to buy a new TV.  🙂

Converter Box-1

• Tacos forever!  


• Makes sense but hard to to.  Which one is the most difficult for you?

7 things to let go of

Random Thoughts Thursday 41

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My new pair of the Brooks Ricochet arrived.  Not sure if I am going to keep them.  They’re supposed to be in between the Launch and the Levitate.  I love both of those shoes but the Ricochet as not as soft.  I like the color but not so much how they feel.

• No reason.  Just because.  Every time I take a picture of Lola, I wonder what is going through her mind.  She makes me laugh.


• I love seeing colors of the leaves.  So pretty. 

• I go to bed early but also wake up early the next day.  There’s been times in which I notice my text messages the next day and am tempted to respond at that moment.  Then I realize that people don’t wake up as early as I do and are probably still sleeping. 

Sleep and Text Message-1.jpg

• My “Day of the Dead” bulletin board is done.  Love it!

Day of the Dead Bulletin Board-1.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 40

Random Thoughts Thursday

• How funny is this tshirt?  

Punctuation Saves Lives Tshirt.jpg

• You know I like cats, right?  🙂  Bought these for me.  You’re never too old for stuff like this.  

• Finally read the book “Living with a Seal”.  I first heard about this in Wendy’s blog.  Check out her review HERE.  Jesse invites a Navy Seal to come live with him and to train him to get in shape.  His only condition is that Jessie does everything he tells him to do.  The book is good and funny.  I don’t think I would last a day with him.  🙂

Living with a Seal-1

• The Chicago Marathon medal.  I like it!  But not enough to sign up for another marathon!  Plus, they already began promoting the race for next year and this year’s hasn’t even taken place yet.

• Saw this old washer at a house I went to see last week.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so this one was pretty cool to see.