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Random Thoughts Thursday 58

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My local gym got new treadmills.  I should be happy, right?  No.  I know change is good but these are no bueno (for me).  Two things that irk me about them:  1) My weight shows up on the screen.  2) There are no number buttons in order to increase the speed.  So if I want to run at a 6.0 speed, I have to manually increase it with the arrow button.  In the other treadmills I would just press the number keys and the “Enter” button.  I know, first world problems.

• I have definitely been to lots of different cities.  I am looking forward to this year visiting Missoula, Wilmington, Detroit, and Kiawah Island.

Major US City Bingo.jpg

 • I had no idea about these Mexican chiles. 

Chiles mexicanos.jpg

  • I’ll be happy with 1 million dollars.  OK, half a million would be good too.  😉

Valentine Gift.jpg

  • I swear she does love me.  Lola is just camera shy.



Random Thoughts Thursday 57

Random Thoughts Thursday

• This weather!  I have lived in Chicago almost my whole life and have never experienced a cold day like yesterday.  School was cancelled and I stayed home most of the day.  I only went out for 20 minutes to start my car twice and that was more than enough time to be outside.

Chicago Weather-2

• I saw this picture on Instagram and fell in love with it.  How awesome is this library?


 • I am looking forward to reading this book.  It is so popular right now that there is a long waitlist for an English copy and my sister could only get it in Spanish.

Michelle Obama Book-1.jpg

  • I’ve been running on the treadmill in the morning before work.  That means showering and getting ready at the gym.  The other day I forgot my Philosophy body wash and face scrub (I didn’t realize it till that night).  I went back the next day and it was gone.  I was annoyed.  Why take it?  Why not just leave it?

  • My gym has a hair dryer in the bathroom.  One day I tried to use it but it wouldn’t turn on.  I tried the on and off buttons with no luck.  I gave up and walked out with wet hair.  A few days later I tried again and it did work.  I then realized why it hadn’t worked before.  I felt so stupid!  🙂

Random Thoughts Thursday 56

Random Thoughts Thursday

• How cute is this coaster and magnets?  I love them.  A coworkers makes them and I bought a few from her.  Conchas are my favorite Mexican pastries.  Really good with coffee!

Coasters and magnets-1.jpg

• It is cold here and it is supposed to get colder.  It was very cold on Sunday and Monday.  I hate winter!


• Last week I lost all of my files in my flash drive and this week I lost my phone.  I  went to do laundry on Sunday and when I arrived at the laundromat, I realized I didn’t have my phone.  I thought that maybe I left it at home.  When I was done and went home, I couldn’t find it.  I retraced my steps and still couldn’t find it.  🙁  I ended up getting the iPhone X.  So far I like it and am used to not having the home button.

• Winter and snow in Chicago means people save their parking spots.  I get a kick out of seeing what people use to save their spots.  I’ve seen the usual plastic chair and milk crate, but the funniest are a kid’s plastic car and an ironing board.

 • I saw this soup bowl cover thingy at Walmart.  I happen to come across it in the soup aisle.  🙂  I will admit I was a little bit skeptical about it but it is actually pretty cool.  I poured the can of soup in the bowl and then warmed it up in the microwave.  No hot bowl!

Soup bowl cover-1.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 55

Random Thoughts Thursday

• We got snow on Saturday.  I dislike it.  I hate it.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad but we’re supposed to get more this weekend.  I went out for a run and it wasn’t that fun.

• A heated blanket is the best!  Get one.  It has kept me warm during these cold days.

Heated Blanket-1

 • I’ve been teaching since 2009 and use a flash drive for ALL of my files.  I’ve been using this little guy for a number of years.  Somehow something happened over the weekend and when I tried to access some files on Monday, there was nothing there.  I took it to Best Buy and apparently the metal thingie is bent.  I need to take it to a place to solder it together or I can pay about $1,600 to have someone from Geek Squad retrieve my files.  I should be in tears, but surprisingly I am feeling very relaxed.  Maybe I am still in denial?

Flash drive-1.jpg

  • This made me laugh.  Sometimes I feel like this in the morning.

Cinderella Humor

  • To go with the flash drive point mentioned above, I bought two different ones.  I am using the one on the left and like it.  It is small and no chance of it being bent which is what happened with the other one.  

Flash drive-2.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 54

Random Thoughts Thursday

• For all of those coffee lovers!  It has to be the “real” deal, right?

Regular or decaf coffee
• Anyone eat overnight oats?.  They’re one of my favorite things to eat in the morning.  I bought a few mason jars with wide-mouth lids from Target.  I added oats, almond milk, Orgain protein powder, and moringa (green superfood and a good source of calcium, iron, and fiber).  You can also substitute chia seeds for the oats.  I did both and prefer the oats.

• I am no longer wearing my Fitbit.  I did a Step Bet Challenge for 6 weeks and I decided to take a break from it.  Now instead I am wearing my wraps from Momentum Jewelry.  I love the colors and each message designed to inspire and motivate you.  Right now there is a sale going on, so go to the site to purchase your own.

Momentum Jewelry Wrap-1.jpg

  • You know I have a pen obsession.  My students tell me that I do not need more.  🙂


  • The book I am reading right now.  It may be cheesy and cause some eye rolls, but it is still good.

Nicholas Sparks-1.jpg