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Weekly Run Down: Done with school and 6 years with Lola

Another great week of running!  The weather sure made it tough but I got it done.  The best thing that happened this week was the end of the school year.  I was so done with the school year that I didn’t even attend the end of school year parade.  I just wanted to go home.

schools out

It’s been sunny and warm in the morning and I have to get out earlier.  I get up around 4 to use the bathroom and feed my cats.  I go back to sleep and wake up at 6am.  By the time I get dressed, drink my coffee, and use the bathroom, it is almost 7am.  That is the the time I need to be done with my run.

Saturday’s run went much better than the week before.  This time I wore a hat and carried two small water bottles.  My Oiselle pocket jogger shorts are perfect to store/hold the bottles!

Today’s workout felt hard.  I ran 4 miles and then 4-45 second surges with one minute recovery, and then a cool down till I reached 5 miles.  The 4 miles were slower than usual.  I did manage negative splits on my intervals which surprised me.  I did the same workout on Monday and even though I ran 5.02 miles, I finished 6 minutes faster.

I start Summer School tomorrow and I am already frustrated with it.  As of now I have 13 students.  Communication has not been very good between Administration and staff.  I had a meeting with the Principal on Wednesday and another one with the English Learners Department on Thursday.  I left those two meetings frustrated and not wanting to work anymore this Summer.  We did not get time to plan/set up classroom but yet we’re expected to be ready tomorrow morning.  I am planning to spend a few hours this evening planning for this week.  And yes I have asked about being compensated.

In non-running nor school related news, a mama pigeon has been living in the balcony.  She has been there for two weeks.  We know there are 2 eggs.  One more week and the eggs will hatch.

Today marks 6 years that I brought Lola home.  She was so little!  She follows me everywhere.  I know she misses me when I leave the house.

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Weekly Run Down: Feels like Summer and 31 miles

My workouts were the same as the week before except for a longer warm up and cool down on Wednesday run.  I haven’t run more than 30 miles in a week since July 2018.  It was hot these past few days and it took a toll on me.  I felt exhausted.  It could also be the end of year exhaustion.  Summer is here and we are expecting humid days too.  I am just glad it isn’t rainy and cold.  Overall it was a good week with some great runs.

I was off for one week and it was rough to go back to work on Tuesday.  Some of my kids were happy to see me.  The week did go by fast too.  We did a fun thing each day to count down to the last day of school.  Three more days to go and coming up this week we will have a pajama/costume day, a memory book, and an awards ceremony.  Tomorrow after school I am going to drop off a few gifts for some of my students because they worked so hard this year.  They showed up day after day, participated in class, and did the work.  I am very proud of them!

On Wednesday it was Global Running Day and I celebrated by running with my blogger friends!

I ran 7 miles on Saturday and it took me a few hours to recover from it.  I did good throughout the run but then felt really tired when I got home.  I also had a headache.  I showered, ate, and then took a nap.  I am thinking that maybe I was dehydrated.  I never take water with me on my runs but this time I took a small one with Tailwind.  I took another nap in the afternoon and I am glad I did because I had my nephew’s graduation party that evening.  It was small gathering with a few cousins and we had a good time.

I am behind on reading and commenting posts from Friday’s linkup.  It took me a while to finish reading and commenting posts from last Sunday and Tuesday’s linkups.  I promise I will get to them. 

laptop wave

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Weekly Run Down: A few days off and cats on my runs

What a week!  It started off hot then it was cold.  Yesterday and today it warmed up again but I still have the heat on.  So weird how last week I wrote that it was very hot and the AC was not working.

After 3 days of not sleeping well because of a broken AC, I slept very well on Sunday night.  I ran 5 miles with 4-45 second surges on Monday morning.  Splits were 8:24, 8:15, 7:54, and 7:40.  Yay!  My run on Wednesday was great too.  I ran 5 x 1/3 intervals and managed to get negative splits again (11:11, 10:56, 10:53, 10:32, and 9:55).


It was cold and raining on Friday.  Nope, didn’t not get out till the evening for 1 mile.  

It was much better on Saturday and I went out for 7 miles.  It felt good being out there.  It was definitely warmer than the day before but I still wore tights and a jacket.  I did 2 Peloton runs and it was just the right mix of music to make me smile.  

I saw lots of cats while out on a run!  I see them here and there but they all run away from me.  This time I stopped to take a picture and then I looked over to my left and there were more cats relaxing on the front steps of the house.  But darn I was so happy to see them that I did not take a picture of all of them.  Instead I will post pictures of my cats.

Saw these too!  Aren’t they adorable?

I took 4 days off from work.  Let me tell you that I definitely needed those days off but I am sure you knew that already.  So what did I do?  I RELAXED.  I did take my mother to the doctor on Wednesday morning.  I also watched LOTS of TV.  I am hooked on the show “Rizzoli and Isles”.  Anyone else watch it?  It felt so good to be off that now I am really tempted to take off the rest of the school year.  But if I’ve made it this far, then what is 7 more days?  I can do this!

Here are the photos of my fur babies.

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Weekly Run Down: Hot in the city and some tough runs

Remember how a few months ago I was complaining about the cold weather?  I knew it would warm up again and it came in full force this week.  I was not ready for it.

The week started off with a 4 mile progression run on Monday.  The runs we don’t want to do are the ones that surprise us.  I was tired in the evening and didn’t want to run.  Now I cannot remember why I didn’t run in the morning.  

Tuesday was 5 miles with 2 miles at a faster pace.  Those two miles felt hard.  Not sure I like the mile repeats.  Mateo knew exactly how I was feeling.

I have no idea how I ran 5 miles on Friday because I did not sleep well the night before.  In this run I also did 4-45 second surges.  I also did a fun 90s Dance Run which I enjoyed.  The best part was at the end when Rebecca thanked the teachers.  It felt so good to hear that since right now I am burned out.  Only 12 days to go!

Another rough night and I struggled Saturday morning.  I had to run 6 miles and could not do it.  I did run 1 mile for my run streak. 

As I mentioned earlier, we got some hot weather.  On Thursday I came home and turned on the AC.  It turned on but there was no cold air.  I had my cousin check it out thinking that it would be something simple.  Nope.  I told the landlord.  Fast forward to today, Sunday, and someone came before noon to check it out.  Yep, 3 days with no AC.  I know many people don’t have it either and it is just awful.  I am grateful he is here and hoping he can fix it today.  Update:  It is fixed!!!  I will sleep so much better tonight.

Even my cats are feeling the heat! 

My runs this week weren’t that horrible.  I know these past few weeks ago they were all great and this week some were challenging.  That is OK since I know not all runs will be great.  Can’t wait to see what my coach will have me this this week!

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Weekly Run Down: My 200th Peloton run and getting ready for the end of the school year

Happy Sunday!  This week was another week where the weather was up and down.  Yesterday it was cloudy with some rain and I felt like something was off.  This week is supposed to warm up so that is exciting!  

On Monday morning I did my 200th run with Matty.  I signed up for this run the week before.  It was a good class but imagine my confusion when all of a sudden it was over.  I stopped and checked my watch thinking “no way is it already 30 minutes”.  Well, it turned out that the class was 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

I didn’t sleep well Monday night and woke up on Tuesday very tired.  My workout was run 5 miles, 4-45 second surges with 1 minute recovery, and ending at 6 miles with a cool down.  I did the workout on Wednesday since I felt much better.  It was sunny and no wind…just perfect.

The rest of the week went well too.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday.  I took it easy and walked when I wanted to.  I listened to music and thought about home life and school.  Excited because I am planning to take a few days off!

This week my students took their MAP tests.  I thought all school districts in IL were required to have students take the test.  One of my friends works in CPS and she said the students in her school were not required.  Ugh!  That is very annoying and frustrating.  Whomever is making these decisions doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Kids do not need more tests.  Anyway, my students took 2 tests in Reading and Math in both English and Spanish.  Let’s just say some were very tired and had no interest in taking another test.  Some students clicked on any possible answer in order to finish it.  Some were on the bed taking the test (I told them to get off the bed).  Some were laughing and talking and looking at something else but the screen (one student said she was talking to her brother).  One student logged off before finishing the test and never came back.  What an exciting week!  I am supposed to do makeups and heck no, I am not doing that.  😬 I already did 4 days of testing.  If the school wants these kids to make up a test then they will need to make the arrangements.Bitmoji Image

I spent a few days packing up my classroom too.  I know next year I will be a Dual Language teacher which means I would be using new Reading materials.  Our District will also be using a new Math curriculum.  Now I wait to find out what to do with said materials.  Here are some pictures from Tuesday.  More things have been packed up.  My goal is to be complete done packing this week. 

I also finished the Selena series.  I do not know how much of it is accurate but I thought it was a good story.  I enjoyed learning more about her.  I do wonder how her life would be like if she hadn’t died.

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