Weekly Run Down: Mixed emotions and a sign

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Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope everyone is having a great day.

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I ran 3 days this week and one workout on the bike.  I have no pictures but honestly I did run.  🙂  My 5 miles on Saturday was tough.  It was in the low 30s but very sunny.  I had 2 layers and was warm enough.  The problem was the wind.  No matter which direction I went, it was blowing in my face.  Still was pleased with how I did.  My slowest mile was 12:18 and my fastest was 11:34.  

Felt good to run to one of my favorite places.  Took a few minutes to think about where I would like to travel when things are back to “normal”.  


Back in March I signed up for the Un-Canceled Project.  They weren’t that difficult to do but yet I only did 2 of them.  I was kind of disappointed.  So I signed up again for round 2.  It begins tomorrow and ends June 21.  

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Here are the topics.  Did you sign up as well?

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This week was full of different emotions.  I was happy, tired, sad, angry, and scared.  Am I weird?  Or just a normal human being considering this situation we are in?  My best friend’s dad died on Saturday morning from Covid.  Ugh!  When will this end?  Seriously, I am trying to be positive but sometimes it is just so hard.

School is going well but sometimes I do get bored with it.  On Thursday about 8 students logged in Google Meet and we had a great time.  There was one student that was usually very quiet in class but this time was participating more and answering many questions.  That made me happy!

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I’ve been spoiled.  Over the years administration has spoiled me with providing sweets, lunch, breakfast, etc., for the whole week.  On Monday a teacher from another school posted on Facebook that she received a gift from her administrator.  I did wonder if we would get something similar.  On Thursday coworkers from my school posted their gift.  I knew mine was coming soon.  Waited all day and nothing.  Our Principal sent an email letting us know that it was coming.  Friday morning came and a few teachers from my team got their gift.  Nothing yet for me.  Finally around 3:30pm I looked outside and saw it.  It made me VERY HAPPY!  I am not saying that I deserve it or anything like that but it just feels nice.

Looks like they’re up to no good.  Ha!

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How was your week?  A bit more exciting than mine?  🙂

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Random Thoughts Thursday 123

Random Thoughts Thursday

• This picture makes me laugh!  It is so funny.  You know I love cats and everything about them makes me smile and happy.

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• OK, so another cat picture.  I don’t think my cats mind it too much.  Lola has been very affectionate towards me and loves to be around me while I work.  Mateo on the other hand spends most of the day sleeping.

Cat meme-4.jpg  • I did get annoyed with all of the Cinco de Mayo posts.  In Mexico it isn’t a day to celebrate.  Mexicans don’t really celebrate it.  The day is just another reason to eat and drink.  Well, like we really need a reason?  🙂

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•As an introvert I didn’t mind staying at home.  Now I am tired of it.  Who isn’t?  I told myself that when this is all over, I will spend more time with family and friends.  Ha, am I serious about it?  I guess we’ll see.

When quarantine is over.jpg •  It is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Let’s cheer and clap for all of the teachers.  I am lucky to work with so many great and amazing teachers.  These past few weeks we’ve had to work harder than ever and many more people have seen how valuable and important we are.  

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Tuesday Topics: My running PRs

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics!  Apologies for posting so late.  I have been behind on reading blog posts and needed extra time to catch up.  I like to read as many blog posts as I can and respond to every comment.

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This week’s Tuesday Topic:  BRAG!  Tell us about your running PRs!  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

This year was supposed to be THE year for me.  My goal was to PR in various race distances along with other non running goals.

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The year did not start off too good.  I got a cold and was not feeling well.  Then I fell.  Due to said fall I was afraid to run outside.  Instead I ran on the treadmill.  I didn’t do any races either.  Actually the only race I did was the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon at the beginning of March.  Yep, this was right before everyone’s world changed because of Covid-19.

All of my PRs are OLD.  I mean years old.  Old enough that I am embarrassed to even write about them here.  But I will.  

Anyway, let’s reminisce a little.  The last time I PRed was in May 2017 for a 5 miler race.  It was an “easy” PR because it was my first race of that distance.  


This year I was looking forward to the Shamrock Shuffle 8k and the 4 on the 4th of July races.  They’re two of my favorite races.  My PRs are 48:38 (8k in 2014) and 39:39 (4 miles in 2014).  

My 5k PR is 29:48 from 2011 and my 10k PR is 1:04 from 2010.  That is a sign that I need to do better next year, right?

For years I’ve been wanting to get a sub 2 half marathon.  I am not even close.  My PR is 2:17 from 2013 at the ING Hartford Half Marathon.  I came close in 2015 when I ran the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.  My finish time was 2:19:51.  I was pleased with how I did because the course was hilly and I walked a few times.

The last marathon I ran in 2016 is my marathon PR (5:12:59).  I remember I was aiming for a sub 5 finish time and was doing really good till about mile 11.  My left hip was hurting and I really wanted to quit.  I didn’t.  I told myself I was almost halfway done.  Then I had 10 miles to go.  Then single digits.  Then a few more miles.  Now wasn’t the time to quit.  I was pleased with how I did and was happy to have bettered my time by 40 minutes from my first Chicago Marathon in 2006.  

I entered the lottery for both the NYC Marathon and the MCM but was not picked for any of them.  Could be a sign to instead focus on the other distances.  

The plan now is to run and train for next year.  Next year is when I will get some new and shiny PRs!!

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Hello May and 5 weeks to go

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Happy Sunday!  How is everyone doing today?   I swear it feels like it was just Monday.  Another week at home doing lesson plans and activities as well as spending time with my cats.  🙂  I guess I shouldn’t really complain about it.

I ran 3 days this week.  It is finally warmer here which made the runs more pleasant.  I love running in shorts.  

I signed up for Deborah’s RunBet Challenge so I had to make sure I got out there!  Did you sign up as well?RunBet-3Did anyone see this?  It was tempting to sign up until someone told me it is 612 miles.  To date I’ve run 139 miles.  No way can I run 600 miles in 4 months.  Or can I?  🙂    I know I’ve mentioned that it is nice to run with no pressure, but how long is that going to last?  I doubt any “real” races will take place this year so I am looking for some motivation.

Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee-1

Early in the week we got an email from the Principal that she was putting together a schedule so that we could go pack up our things in our classroom.  Someone did inquire if masks, cleaners, would be provided for us.  We were told to bring our own mask.  I don’t know what happened but then another email was sent letting us know that that project was postponed.

Our last day of school is June 5th.  I am not sure if we’ll go till June or stop on May 29th.  I finally have my routine set up and am liking it.  My favorite part is when my students log in to talk, read or discuss a book.  Due to some restrictions set up by the District, I cannot see them but they can see me.  I look very different than when I am in the classroom.  Most days I do comb my hair.  🙂

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In February I applied again to teach Summer School.  For sure I thought that it would be cancelled.  Nope.  It will be done remotely.  Now that I have no idea how it would work since half of my students now either turn in minimal or no work at all.  I am trying really hard to be patient but honestly I am getting tired of it.  I have about 3 that do almost all of the assignments – one has submitted all of them.  I am thinking of buying a prize for him (maybe a gift card).  Thoughts?

My uncle’s funeral was on Friday.  We did not go but thanks to my cousins we did see it on YouTube.  My mother felt as if she was there too.  She still cannot believe that her brother is gone (no one can).  She hasn’t been sleeping well but I will check with her doctor to see if she can take a sleeping pill.  I worry because she takes medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  Check out Lola also watching the funeral with us.


Are you excited it is May?  Any goals for May?

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Random Thoughts Thursday 122

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Someone posted this meme on Facebook.  Maybe I am being very sensitive right now but does anyone really think it is funny?  I mean joking about dying from the virus because of what you told your wife?  Maybe I just don’t get it.

Virus meme-1.jpg

• I know I posted about being patient.  I know many businesses are doing the best they can so we can have the things we need/want.  About 2 weeks I ordered some items for my Peloton.  To this day, I haven’t received it.  I mean does it usually take this long?  I have already reached out to the company and have asked them to send the items again via UPS or Fedex. 

Drip Accessory-1.jpg

 • I ordered a new Koala Clip.  It is simply the best.  This I received 4 days after placing my order.  🙂

Koala Clip-5.jpg

• My plan is to move this year.  I am collecting boxes so I can start decluttering and pack up a few things.  What it is with cats and boxes?

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•  I love martinis!  I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries.  I also got items to make martinis and 2 bottles of white wine.  Now I don’t know why I “only” got 2 bottles.  🙂  My plan when this is all over is to have a Martini Party.