Hello there!  Happy 1st day of August!  While I am excited for a new month, this month means that I go back to work.  I have 3 weeks left but I know one of those weeks will be dedicated to setting up my room.  I am nervous that with the rise of cases going on, we will not go back to school.  While I understand the safety factor, I simply cannot and do not want to do another year of remote learning.

This week I hit my 300th run milestone and added a new pair of shoes to my rotation.  I bought these last year and now am finally running in them.

I spent time outside with the cats in the balcony.  I am almost done reading the book “The Soul of a Woman” and saw a great quote.  I am sure I have seen it before but now I love it!

It was another good week of running.  I am pleased with my runs and am actually surprised with the mileage this week.  I ended July with 98.07 miles.  I had to run 7 miles on Saturday and did half of it.  Ha, if I would have run them all then for sure July would have been over 100 miles.

During Saturday’s run I realized that I did not want to run 7 miles.  Well, does anyone actually do?  I also realized I am feeling burned out.  I don’t want to follow a plan anymore.  I am not training for anything anyway.  I had a conversation with my coach and once I have reached 1 year in my run streak, I plan to stop.  For this month I am going to run whatever I want.  I want to pick a 20, 30, 45 , or 60 minute Peloton run and do that.

The calendar below is from last year.  I was doing good for half of August but then stopped running because on Saturday (after my run) I found out that I needed to get a Covid test.  I went on Tuesday.  How different it is now.  I had to make an appointment (and wait) instead of just going in for a test.  It was negative but still decided to quarantine.  Not a big deal now but should I have quarantined?  If I hadn’t quarantined then I would have been done with my run streak on the 29th.  😀

With no actual plan for this week, we’ll see how I do.  I told my coach that I will do the hill/ramp workouts on Mondays but who knows how I will feel tomorrow.  I may just do one mile or 2.  

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25 Comments on Weekly Run Down: 98.07 miles and almost done with my run streak

  1. You did awesome running everyday for a year. I’m sure you need a break.

    I love running when and if I want. I loosely run 3 miles 3x a week and then longer on Sat. Even done weeks that’s hard.

  2. That sounds like a good plan to stop your run streak after a year if you’re not feeling it anymore! Ugh, I am so worried for what the rise in cases means for this school year.

  3. I have to say I am (mostly) enjoying running with no pressure and no real goals — even though at the same time I miss goals. But life is just too iffy right now to put that kind of pressure on myself.

    That is a great quote, and yes, I’ve heard it, but I don’t know that I would have credited Ole Abe with it. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your 300 run milestone! Those shoes are so cute! I think you’re smart to keep running fun — that’s the main point, anyway.

    • I guess I’d “forgotten” that running should be fun. It is a hobby for me. Right now I am running just because and not because I have a plan to follow. The former is more fun right now.

  5. You had a really great month of running! I say if you don’t feel like doing the run streak and you are getting burned out-why do it? It is supposed to be a fun hobby 🙂

    • It isn’t that I don’t want to do the run streak but right now I just want to run for fun. I don’t want to follow a plan. That is what I am doing and it feels great. I am also walking more and I am also enjoying that as well.

  6. Our kids are for sure going back to school in person, but I heard that masks (which were supposed to be optional) will now be mandatory, again. I don’t see how they can do social distancing with all the kids there, but I agree that schools need to open.
    Good luck on finishing up your streak! I totally agree you should stop if you’re not enjoying it.

    • Our Governor has now made it mandated that everyone wear a mask inside the school regardless of vaccination status. I really have no idea how it will be in the classroom since there is no way we can do social distance.

  7. you’ve had an awesome running streak. and the beauty of it is, you can stop whenevery you want 🙂

    I really hope for you that you don’t have to do remote learning again. Is it really getting bad again there? I am so happy we are not doing the marathon this year. Europeans are already having a really hard time traveling and entering into the US right now. So who knows if Ron would have even been let in! As it is I’m not even going to have him come with me when I go to NM to see my parents. Such a sad panda 🙁

    • We are now required to wear mask inside the schools regardless of our vaccination status. I was looking forward to teaching without a mask but now that will not happen. Ugh, to remote learning. I hope not either. I don’t think I can do it again.

  8. Can totally understand why you may be feeling a little bit of burn out in regards to running since you’ve been running consistently daily.

    I am also worried about the rise in cases, but I hope that kids will still be able to go to school. I know that the private schools here are planning on in-person learning but kids will have to wear masks. Not sure what the public schools are planning yet.

    • I am really surprised I made it this long. As you know it hasn’t been easy but I did what I could even in that horrible month of February with the snow and cold weather. Right now I am running for run with no specific plan. Running should be fun and not something that I have to do.

  9. It’s always good to recognize burnout–it’s also why I’m taking time off from Sammy Jo. I just needed a break and oops, poor choice of words, but timing is everything, right? I hope you enjoy just running for fun!

    • I’ve felt burned out a few times before but this is the first time I’ve done a run streak this long. I made it this far and I am almost done. It isn’t that bad but I am enjoying running for fun.

  10. Props to you for keeping that runstreak as long as you did but I totally understand the burnout, especially with no races on the horizon. Good for you for recognizing you feel burned out. Brooks makes the cutest shoes!

    • I am really surprised I made it this long. If I can make it through February which was the most difficult month, then I can make it 3 more weeks. I am glad that right now I am running for fun and not feel like I have to run a certain number of miles each day.

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