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Random Thoughts Thursday 127

Random Thoughts Thursday

•Anyone ready to start getting on an airplane?  With cheap fares right now, it is tempting.  If it were “safe” to travel, I would go to NY and Hawaii.  Oh and of course to Mexico.  Where would you go?


•We all need something to laugh about now.  How about this?  

Cat meme-5

  •Still have not worn jeans but I am sure they won’t fit.

We were on a break

•Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I won’t be posting any assignments for my students but we do have meetings.  I don’t understand why. Bored Teachers-3

I finished reading another book.  Good one but found some things annoying.  Anyone else read it?


Random Thoughts Thursday 126

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Thanks to Facebook Memories for another great reminder.  I do enjoy teaching 2nd grade.  So if I am doing the math correctly, 2020-2021 will be my 7th year teaching 2nd grade.  I have had some great coworkers which makes this job a whole lot better.  Facebook Memories-6

•  Have you seen these tumblers?  I don’t need another one but these are very cute.  And I want one.  If you see them, get two of them and let me know.  I will pay you for them.

Starbucks Tumbler-1

  • A few weeks ago I purchased a cocktail shaker.  You know I love my martinis.  Somehow there was trouble with the delivery and Target gave me a refund.  I ordered another one and am supposed to get it today.  Imagine my surprise when on Monday I received the first one I ordered.  Now I have two of them.  Just kidding.  I will return the other one.  

Cocktail shaker

• My cats rarely sleep on the same bed.  Lola is still not happy that Mateo is around.  Will she get over it?  Now I need to get another bed for ME.  

Lola and Mateo-11

 • This made me laugh!  I will ignore any students that ask me that question.  

Bored Teachers-2

Random Thoughts Thursday 125

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone read “Fifty Shades of Grey”?  I remember reading every book and seeing the movies too.  Thanks to Facebook Memories I was reminded of a few years ago when I was in Portland, Oregon for a race and found the hotel.  Haha!!

Facebook Memories-5

• This made me laugh!  I tried making an avatar but it looked nothing like me.  I prefer to use memoji on my iPhone.  

Release the avatars

  • Saw this yesterday.  I wonder how true it is.  I also wonder how exactly it will work in the Fall.  Many of the things on the list will be “impossible” to do.

CDC Guidelines-1

• I finished reading the book.  Wow!  I thought the Netflix series was excellent and the book is great too.  Well, I think the series was better.  


 • No matter what situation we are in, we should always be kind.  Honestly, I am getting tired of people complaining and being ungrateful.

Essential Workers

Random Thoughts Thursday 124

Random Thoughts Thursday

• The whole drama with the mask and Costco is hilarious!  I am not a fan of wearing the mask because it is tough to breathe in that thing but I know it is for my own good.

Costco Mask Rule

• Aren’t these the CUTEST beds for cats?  They’re actually doll beds and are available at IKEA.  Once the stores open, you bet I am going there to buy 2 of them.

Bed for cats

  • Still up in the air about whether school will reopen in August.  This is what I am picturing to happen if we do open next year.

When schools reopen

• Any fans of The Magic School Bus?  My students and I would watch it all of the time.  It was educational and the perfect amount of time for them to stay quiet while I did other things in the classroom.  If only she were real then we would have a vaccine.  🙂

Ms. Frizzle

 •  Anyone watched “Becoming” on Netflix?  I saw and loved it.  She is someone I would love to meet one day.


Random Thoughts Thursday 123

Random Thoughts Thursday

• This picture makes me laugh!  It is so funny.  You know I love cats and everything about them makes me smile and happy.

Cat picture-1.jpg

• OK, so another cat picture.  I don’t think my cats mind it too much.  Lola has been very affectionate towards me and loves to be around me while I work.  Mateo on the other hand spends most of the day sleeping.

Cat meme-4.jpg  • I did get annoyed with all of the Cinco de Mayo posts.  In Mexico it isn’t a day to celebrate.  Mexicans don’t really celebrate it.  The day is just another reason to eat and drink.  Well, like we really need a reason?  🙂

Cinco de Mayo-2.jpg

•As an introvert I didn’t mind staying at home.  Now I am tired of it.  Who isn’t?  I told myself that when this is all over, I will spend more time with family and friends.  Ha, am I serious about it?  I guess we’ll see.

When quarantine is over.jpg •  It is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Let’s cheer and clap for all of the teachers.  I am lucky to work with so many great and amazing teachers.  These past few weeks we’ve had to work harder than ever and many more people have seen how valuable and important we are.  

Teacher Appreciation Week-2.jpg