I received this email today.  It is for early registration for an ultra marathon in November.  I did this race last year at the end of March and felt great (and sore and tired) afterwards because that was longest distance I had ever ran.  I have not ran a marathon nor longer race since then.

Chicago Lakefront 50/50

It is so tempting to sign up again.  Part of me is ready for something challenging.  As if running a half marathon every two weeks is not challenging enough. It is but this will be even more challenging and rewarding.  Plus, it will give me a chance to beat my time of 6:20:55.  Yes, I ran very slow.

I am not sure how I can train for this race since I do have a race every two weeks.  It is doable?  Or maybe I should just wait till next March when my race schedule is more flexible and not racing every two weeks?

Well, it is definitely something to think about.


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