Random Thoughts Thursday

• My local gym got new treadmills.  I should be happy, right?  No.  I know change is good but these are no bueno (for me).  Two things that irk me about them:  1) My weight shows up on the screen.  2) There are no number buttons in order to increase the speed.  So if I want to run at a 6.0 speed, I have to manually increase it with the arrow button.  In the other treadmills I would just press the number keys and the “Enter” button.  I know, first world problems.

• I have definitely been to lots of different cities.  I am looking forward to this year visiting Missoula, Wilmington, Detroit, and Kiawah Island.

Major US City Bingo.jpg

 • I had no idea about these Mexican chiles. 

Chiles mexicanos.jpg

  • I’ll be happy with 1 million dollars.  OK, half a million would be good too.  😉

Valentine Gift.jpg

  • I swear she does love me.  Lola is just camera shy.


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