Random Thoughts Thursday

Holy cow!  100th post?  Thank you for reading along these random thoughts.  🙂

• I hope you have a great day today with your family!

Happy Thanksgiving-1.jpg

• What is up with the contaminated food?  It is either fruit, lettuce, kale, etc., but never pizza, bread, or coffee.  🙂

Contaminated lettuce-1.jpg

• Anyone knew this?  I didn’t until I saw this.  No need to have measuring cups because all you need this this red cup.

Red measuring cup-1.jpg

• How cool is this?  I remember when I was a kid going to the neighborhood grocery store just because of this game.  If I had room, I would buy it.


• It’s been 3 years since the “Gilmore Girls Revival”.  Come on!  I want to see more episodes!!  I want to know who is the father of Rory’s baby.

Girlmore Girls ending-1

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