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A good week!  Ran 5 days for a total of 20.91 miles.  Pleased with how this week went.  

Wednesday’s workout was 2 sets of 3×3 minutes with 90 seconds recovery.  I did this later in the evening.  I thought about doing it the following day but I realized that if I did, I would lose the RunBet Challenge.  Talk about motivation!  🙂

My first set was all positive splits but the second one was all negative splits.  I will confess that I did stop my watch to quickly catch my breath.  Then I kept going.  It still counts, right?  


On Saturday I ran my longest run since the Atlanta Half Marathon in March.  It was tough.  It was the first day of summer and it was HOT.  My overall pace was 12:36 and I thought that was pretty good since it was hot and an easy run.  It was fun running around my neighborhood seeing all of the graduation signs.  

I’ve mentioned that I have way too many pairs of shoes.  I knew it was time to wear a new pair and could not decide between the Ghost 12 (NYC Marathon) or Launch 7 (Brave like Gabe).  I checked out what other pairs I had and found the Launch 5 Tie Dye.  Yes, Launch 5.  I bought these in Denver when I ran the RnR Denver Half Marathon.  I wore them 3 times and then put them aside since at that time I was running in a different pair.

Brooks Shoes-23

I saw on Facebook that the lakefront will be open tomorrow.  It’s been months since I’ve run there so I am excited to go there.  I won’t be able to make it tomorrow but my plan is to go on Saturday for a long run.  I did get annoyed that they mentioned joggers instead of runners.  Isn’t it the same thing?

Lakefront is open

Lakefront is open-2This week was my first week of Summer School.  It is going well with my 16 kids.  On a daily basis, about 13 or 14 log in my Google Meet session.  I like them all a lot.  They’re smart and excited to learn.  I made a postcard for them and was ready to mail it yesterday but the envelopes I had ordered were the wrong size.  I ordered more and should get them today.

Postcard for students-2

Summer is not my favorite season for running.  I prefer Fall.  I will try not to complain too much about the weather.  I do need to make sure to get out there before it gets too sunny and warm.  🙂

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  1. The Launch 5 were my first Brooks and I just found another pair on Amazon for $40 this week so score! I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about them that I like better than the 6. We’re back in a heat wave after a relatively long bout of mild weather, oh well, that’s life and runners do what runners gotta do to get through it.

  2. Nice on the shoes! I just got new Ravenna but am realizing I may need a cushier shoe for longer runs now that I’m running on concrete sidewalks instead of asphalt trails. Yay on the Lakefront being open!

  3. Summer is definitely not my fav either. I just remind myself it’ll pay off in fall, then again, I don’t expect to be doing anything in the fall, LOL!

    Love the tie dye shoes. So cheerful!

  4. I’m excited that the Lakefront path is opening! I hope to get over there for a run soon. Love all the Brooks shoes!

  5. While summer running isn’t easy, I prefer it to running in the cold! Great job on that long run. And I’m glad summer school is going well so far!

  6. I’d heard about the Lakefront path. That’s great news! I’m one of the select few who love summer running, so you won’t hear me complaining either 😉

  7. That’s great news that summer school is starting off well! I’m with you on the Summer weather, I’ve got to be better about getting up early to go out too.

  8. It is great to see you so excited about your running Z—that consistency is paying off and you’re doing awesome! Aside from the Chicago Marathon (and the half marathon a couple of years prior), I’ve never run in Chicago and would love to run the Lakefront path with you one day next time I’m there. You need to tell me about that RunBet thing, I’ve NO IDEA what it is!

    • Thanks for the workouts! I am enjoying them. Well you will have to slow down to run with me since I will not be able to catch up to you. The RunBet is cool. There are walking/running bets that you pay to participate and you can either lose or win money. I don’t care too much about winning money but u just don’t want to lose.

  9. great mileage!! and you and your Brooks’! 🙂 the tie dye are my fave! too bad I can’t wear Brooks…

    glad the lakefront is opening – just be careful out there. I hope it’s not too crowded on a Saturday. I’ve avoided our parkrun park since the lockdown as it’s the most popular park in the city. In fact the park ranger there actually had Covid and was hospitalised and managed to get well despite being on a ventilator for several days! That really freaked me out when I heard the news. I was thinking about going down there for my next Saturday parkrun, but will go EARLY as I’m still kind of nervous about too many “joggers” (it’s just semantics but I really hate when people call runners that too).

  10. Yay for new shoes! Mine should arrive tomorrow.

    Summer running is HARD! I get why it’s not your favorite.

    I’m excited to hear how lakefront running goes. I’m sure it will be nice to have that option back open to you!

  11. Another great week for you! That’s a sweet postcard. Glad you are enjoying your students and that they are engaged. I love summer for everything EXCEPT running. The heat is definitely incentive to get out there early.

  12. Your shoes are gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful summer school session with your students. Say hello to the Lakefront Trail for me. I miss running there now that our son and d-i-l have moved back east.

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