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This week’s Tuesday Topic:  How do you fit your workout on a busy day?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

Currently I am on Summer Break.  It’s been two weeks since the end of Summer School.  This week I have a few professional development courses (all online) that will be taking up most of the day.  There is still no word on our back to school plan.  I have a feeling it will all be remote learning and I want to know for sure so I can start making my virtual classroom in Google Slides.

How cool is this?  All I need now is an individual Bitmoji of each teacher.  

Virtual Classroom-1.jpg

Anyway, back to today’s topic.  During remote learning my schedule was different from when I was in the classroom.  I was still busy (mostly learning how to do remote teaching) but at the end of the workday I was mentally exhausted.  I knew that I would have no motivation to run after work.  So I continued running in the morning.  

✔️ Running in the morning made me feel better.

✔️ Running in the morning gave me time to think.  

✔️ Running in the morning got my workout out of the way. 

I got it done by waking up early.  I didn’t have to wake up that early since I didn’t have a commute to school and all I had to do was change into a decent looking top and sweatpants.  

I realize that not everyone has that option.  There are other ways to fit in a workout on a busy day. 

➡️  Run/walk home or to your workplace.  A few years ago I did the AVON 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.  At that time I was working downtown so I would walk home from work to “train”.  

➡️  Do your workout at work.  Set an alarm to remind you every hour to get up and walk.  You can even walk up and down the stairs.  Add in some wall or “real” pushups too.  🙂

➡️  Run or walk during lunch.  

➡️  Schedule your workout in your calendar.  It is equally important as a doctor appointment or a work meeting.

➡️  Get the family involved.  Take a walk after dinner.  Take the kids on the stroller to the park or go for a run.

➡️  Run/walk to do your errands.

I thought that by working from home I would have a lot more time to workout.  I was correct.  I did have the time but sadly did not put in the effort.  I was eating more (the fridge was so close) and not walking like I was doing before (in the classroom I was constantly walking).  I paid the price.  Most of my pants don’t fit anymore.  With the possibility of going back to remote learning in Fall, I know I cannot do this anymore.  I can use this time to figure out what I am going to do.  🙂

Remember, something is better than nothing.  The main thing is to get your body moving.  Anything else you would add to the list?

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17 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Working out on a busy day

  1. Well done for running in the morning, Zenaida!
    I do a lot of my workouts over lunch, because I like to break up my day with a good run.

    Having the fridge accessible is a real challenge. I’m sure you will find a good routine if the remote teaching continues.

    • We are starting the new school year with remote learning. For now it is just the first quarter. Now I need to have a better workout schedule to avoid more weight gain. 🙂

  2. Working from home does mean more trips to the fridge for some reason!! It’s just too close!! That’s one of the reasons I’ve been happy to be back at the office. But I agree with you – if you are doing online classes again, then have a set plan and even test it out before classes begin just to iron out any hiccups you encounter.

  3. I wrote a post awhile back about fitting in little “workouts” during the work day…simple things like intermediate push-ups (like you mentioned), leg lifts, various leg muscle “flex and holds” while standing, etc. It takes some creativity, but it can be done 😉 I’m a huge fan of getting the workouts done early in the morning, and having the remainder of the day to work/play 😉

  4. Something is always better than nothing — I say that often!

    Lucky for me, I guess,that I worked from home a long time & then “retired” early. So I’m used to being at home. I’m still battling with a few extra pounds — it’s frustrating.

    When I did work outside the home, working out before I got to work — which meant getting up & working out really early — was how I managed. And then walking later in the day.

    Now I feel so guilty if I don’t bring the dogs when I walk so I don’t walk as often as I should. Instead I pace around my house when my Garmin tells me to move, LOL!

  5. I always love to walk to do my errands when possible – such a great way to get in activity. I like your suggestions on how to get in activity during work too.

    • We are doing remote learning for this school year. Well, at least for the 1st quarter. I need to figure out my schedule to do my work and incorporate more workouts besides running.

  6. Working out first thing in the morning is gold for being consistent. No one needs anything from me at 6AM and I can always motivate myself to get the workout done b/c I know that it will make me feel better. I’m actually getting up earlier now than I was last spring either to beat the heat or because I’m running with other people now. WFH is nice with all of the extra fitness stuff b/c at home it’s totally OK to drop and do 10 pushups but in the office it’s considered unprofessional.

    • The heat is a motivator to get up earlier. I’ve made the mistake of running later in the morning and have regretted it. Once I took a mat and foam roller to work so I could use it during my planning (free) period. Yeah, never got around to using it. 😜

  7. Yes, working out in the morning is the way to go (most days!)… but I love all the suggestions that you added to get yourself up and moving throughout the day!

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