It is no secret that I am a morning person.  I also wake up early to feed my cats and then to catch up on reading some blog posts or start working on my next one.  I like that it is quiet and find that I work better like that.  I finally have a routine going here. 

Though I know I can run at any time during the day, I prefer doing it in the morning.  Here’s why:

👟 Sunrises.  These are wonderful to see in the morning.  With so many magnificent colors, it is a great way to make me smile and be alone in my thoughts.  My own world.  The same can be said for sunsets.  

👟 It is my ME time.  I’ve written about this before.  Running in the morning is my ME time.  I enjoy running when it is quiet and not a person in sight.  For the most part I listen to music.  I have a combination of English/Spanish and slow/fast music for my runs.  Sometimes I focus on the music or think about what is going on in the world or what I need to do that day.

👟 More free time in the evening.  I am exhausted when I am done with work.  Being online and talking all day (because my students don’t talk that much) takes up a lot of energy.  I want to come home to read or watch TV.  Sometimes I need to do some errands and I can go after work and still be home at a decent time.  Other times I want to be home and be with my cats.  🙂

👟 It is a routine for me.  I wake up, run, and go to work.  Repeat the following day.  I work well when I have routines set up for me.  I think this is another reason why I am enjoying going back to work.  Yesterday was one month since I’ve been back to teaching in my classroom.


👟  Beat the heatOf course this doesn’t apply now why for sure in the Summer.  There’s been times when at 6am it is already hot and humid.  Right now I am complaining about the weather here in Chicago but in a few months I will be complaining about the heat.  🙂

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22 Comments on Fit Five Friday: Five reasons I love running in the morning

  1. I could not agree more. A morning run sets me up for a great day. I am way too exhausted in the evening to be consistent with runs then.

  2. I definitely am a morning runner for all these reasons! Plus when work drags on at the end of the day, I don’t miss my run since it’s already done.

  3. I love my early-morning runs for all of the same reasons. They work best for my work schedule, but I do sneak in a post-workday run now and then…just to rock the variety.

  4. In the Summer I usually will get out earlier to beat the heat! In the Winter, I usually do run in the mornings, but my me time first thing in the morning is Yoga & foam rolling & mediation.

    I am lucky that I am not working, though, so my schedule is much more flexible!

  5. Sunrises are a great reason to wake up in the morning! Lately I’ve been a night runner because it’s been nice out but once it gets back to being hot and humid I’ll run mostly in the morning. I like evenings because I hate waking up super early!

  6. I am all about running in the morning. I can’t imagine trying to get in miles after a whole day of doing things. I like not having to worry about time constraints, the food I’m eating throughout the day, and the critters that come out at night (we have some doozies). Plus, it always seems hotter and more humid at night, and I don’t need any more of that.

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