Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon….or was it really a half marathon?

What a great day for a race!  The race began at 6:30am so I had to be up at 4:30am.  By the time I got ready, stretched, and ate a peanut butter & jelly sandwich it was about 5:15.  Of course I made it just in time to drink water, go to the bathroom, and stretch some more.  I guess I got lucky and ended up in Corral 7 which was not too far from the starting line.

I don’t have correct mile split times because my Garmin was off.  I have it set up to Auto Lap by Distance.  According to it I completed 14.01 miles.  Seriously?  Who is wrong the Garmin or the people that measured the course?  Overall I was pleased with my finish time – 2:26.  My goal was to finish it in less than 2:30.  I knew I was not going to set a PR for two reasons: 1) my training has been so so this summer and 2) I had this pain on the bottom of my right foot that by the end of the race the pain was all the way up my leg and to my lower back.  After the race I had to stop at the medical tent for an ice pack.


I did like the race and the course.  The weather was just perfect!!!  To be honest I really don’t care too much about the live music along the course.  The only reason I ran this race is because I signed up for it last year during the 2010 race expo.  There was some kind of promotion going on and I had the chance to register for next year’s race for only $55.  Yes, that is correct.  I was thinking of signing up for the half marathon in Las Vegas in December and almost fainted when I saw the fees.  Why, why, WHY?   Why so much?  I cannot justify spending $140 for a half marathon.  Seriously why so expensive?  I see that next year there will be races in Madrid and Scotland so I will be interested to know how much the fees are for those races.  One race that I MIGHT do is the marathon in New Orleans.  It is only $95 till October 31.

Half Marathon Marathon
May 31 – June 5 $130 $140
June 6 – Sept. 4 $140 $165
Sept. 5 – Nov. 27 $155 $175
Expo $175 $175

Any thoughts on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and their ridiculously fees?


New running shoes

I love Asics!  My first pair of running shoes were Asics.  I went to Fleet Feet on the advice of some friends.  I tried on a few pairs and walked away with a pair of Asics Cumulus.  Oh my!  I remember them being very comfortable.   I ran my first marathon in Asics Cumulus but made the mistake (will never happen again) of running with a new pair.  Ugh!!!

Fast forward a few years later and I have also ran in Pulse, Cumulus, Landreth, Kayano (all from Asics), Brooks Adrenaline, and Mizuno (cannot remember which pair).  I have had good and bad times with the shoes.  Overall, throughout the years I have learned that Kayano are the ones for me.  They fit me very well and are comfortable.  Did I mention that I love them?  I started wearing them this week so these should last me well past the Hartford Marathon in October.

New running shoes

What are your favorite running shoes?

Funky mode!

For the last couple of days I have been whining and complaining because I’ve been too tired and lazy to resume my marathon training for the Hartford Marathon on October 15.  I was feeling sorry for myself that I even thought of changing my registration from the full marathon to a half marathon.  Well, luckily my friends motivated and encouraged me to snap out of it and not to make a rash decision right away.  Instead, I should just wait and see how I feel as it gets closer to the date.

Well, the first thing I had to go was lace up those shoes and go out for a run.  That is what I did this morning.  Believe it or not but it was tough to get up this morning, change into running gear, and put on those shoes.  I managed to do it and complained just a little bit.  I kept telling myself to be quiet and to stop whining.  🙂  My plan was to run 4 miles.  My last run was 5 miles on June 25th.  It was tough to run 4 miles.  I took more breaks than I normally do.  That is OK though.  What is important is that I ran 4 miles.

By the way, how I missed my running shoes.  I cannot believe I neglected them for over a month!!!  Never again!!!  I will see them again tomorrow, the next day, and the next day, and from now on every day till I cross that finish line in Hartford on October 15.

Hello Mexico and South America!

I had never been hiking and this past month I had this experience.  It was a lot more difficult than I had ever imagined.  I mean, I had participated in several 3 Day Walks to raise money for breast cancer but this was very different.  I was not prepared for the mountains/hills and all of the inclines.  I was not prepared for walking nonstop in hiking boots versus my comfortable Asics.

My first hiking experience was walking up a mountain in the state of Morelos.  I don’t know how high it was but let me tell you that for sure it was high.  It was drizzling that morning so the climbing (and going downhill) was difficult.  Off I went with my nephew.  He did not have faith in me and told me several times that we could stop and go back whenever I wanted to.  Ha!  I told him that I would make it to the top but just needed to make more stops along the way.  Below are some pictures of the path.  My biggest fear of course was slipping and falling. Thank goodness none of that happened!!!




Next adventure was Ecuador.  Beautiful country!!!  This is where I went on an 18 kilometer bike ride, went horse back riding, a jungle and canyoning, and saw many waterfalls.  I had never done those things!  Well, it had been over 20 years since I had been on a bike.  I will be honest and say that I fell.  I was not hurt except a bruise on my leg but I survived.  I tried walking up a volcano but backed out at the last minute.  Overall, great food and wonderful times in Ecuador.




Finally….3 day  walking trek to Machu Picchu.  It was just phenomenal!!!  The view is just fantastic.  There were about 16 of us in our group and we had so much fun together.  We supported and encouraged one another as we walked.  I climbed a 4,400 meters mountain.  In feet it is about 14,000!!!  I almost cried when I got to the top.  I completed something I thought I could not do.  Honestly, I felt I was not going to make it.  Once I reached the top I had to take in the view because it was just amazing….plus I had to catch my breath from climbing so much and so high.





I truly believe that everyone should go to Machu Picchu and see one of the wonders of the world!!!!

Hiking and NO running!!!!

I was out of the country (Mexico, Ecuador and Peru).  Awesome time and will post pictures soon.  However, now I am concerned because I did not run at all.  I mean NADA.  Just hiked.  I am worried how this might affect (if anything) my running plan.  Where should I start now?  From the beginning?  Where I left off?  Or continue as if I had not stopped running?

I cannot believe the Hartford Marathon is less than 3 months away.  I am so worried about it now.  🙁