That is what I kept telling myself today during my long run.  I had to do an 11 mile run and at some point was running faster than usual.  I knew I could have but knew that I shouldn’t especially when it is cold and windy outside.  However, glad to say that it was a little bit warmer than last week.  🙂  Bottom line, it is difficult to run outside during the winter.  I am running again tomorrow.  I guess maybe I could get used to this.

I decided to run the Hartford Marathon this year.  Yep, no more Chicago Marathon and the crazy weather.  I had signed up for the Hartford Marathon 2 years ago but due to back problems I couldn’t do it.  Since it was on a Saturday and during the weekend before Columbus Day I had to leave on Friday and miss a teacher institute day.  Also, I am not supposed to be off the day before or after a holiday.  Well, I sure got grief about it from the superintendent.  I was told that I was not fulfilling to my obligations as a teacher and why did I have to go out of state for a marathon when there is one in Chicago?  Oh, I was so annoyed and maybe that is what contributed to the injuries.  JK.  Well, this year’s marathon is AFTER Columbus Day so I anticipate no problems from ANYONE.

I read a few blogs about the movie “Hood to Coast” and regret not watching it.  I hope either it will be shown again or available on DVD soon.  I have seen “Spirit of the Marathon” twice and got inspired each time I saw it.Well, so far have ran 42 miles and have 958 miles to go.  I KNOW I will achieve that goal. 

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  1. Yeah, I always have to remind myself to slow down, too. I really want to run outside tomorrow but I don't know…the roads are still pretty snow covered. Yay for the Hartford Marathon!!! We willl definitely have to have a bloggy meet up before hand 🙂 Sooo excited!

  2. Sometimes it's fun to try something new, especially when it's in another city! I also wanted to see "Hood to Coast". Hope it comes out on DVD too! And you are doing great with the mileage! keep it up!

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