The SunTrust National Marathon is less than two months away and I still don’t know if I am going to do it.  Why you ask?  You see, the marathon is on a Saturday which means I need to miss work on Friday and fly out that morning.  Also, that Friday is the last day before Spring Break and I am technically not supposed to be off before or after Spring Break.  So, I wrote a letter back in October to the Superintendent asking for “permission” to be off on Friday.  I did not get a response so I sent it again in December.  Still no answer.  Really?  How long does it take to make a decision?  It is a simple answer “yes” or “no”.  So frustrating.

I believe that things happen for a reason.  Yes, I am a true believer of that even though many times I don’t like the things that happen.  I got a late start to my marathon training.  I am cramming an 18 week training program into 12 weeks.  I have had to increase mileage and I think I am paying for it.  The last week or so I have had a pain on my right hip.  Now I feel the pain extending to the inner thigh down to the inside part of the knee.  Yesterday I had to run 11 miles but could only do 4.  I wanted to keep on going but was feeling the pain and did not want to make it worse.  So, I asked myself Is this a sign?  Should I skip the marathon in March and instead take my time and do one in May?  Or is it just an unfortunate injury?

Any idea on what kind of injury it might be?  My guess is Iliotibial Band Syndrome but need to see a doctor to be sure.  I am a member of Athletico so I will start there and them do an injury screen.  Well, with this pain it means that I cannot run.  🙁  This makes me sad because I enjoy running and look forward to it.  However, being injury free is much more important. 


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