Yay me!!!  I ran 8 miles this morning to complete 100 miles.  I was aiming for 6 but felt really good after 6 miles that I decided to go for it and do 8.  I forgot to take my bottle of Muscle Milk but as soon as I got home I drank my milk.  I hate being sore.  I walk a lot in school so I cannot be sore at all.

Great news!  I got my ticket to go to Mexico in the summer.  I will be there from June 27-July 10.  I plan to go to Puerto Vallarta and maybe Cuba.  Yay!!!!  I have not been to Mexico in years and am really excited.  My sister lives there so it will be great to see her as well as my brother-in-law, niece and nephew.

When I return I plan to go to Boston and Philadelphia.  I want to see the whales!!  I love sightseeing and visiting different cities.  Maybe I will have time to visit another city before going back to school in mid August. 

Any upcoming travel plans?

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