As you know I am not running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow because I will be running the Hartford Marathon next Saturday.  I love the Chicago expo and made my way there after work.  Love it!!!  I did not plan to be there too long but ended up staying there till about 6 or so.  I bought some great things as you’ll see below.

The best part of the expo was the Brooks Pure Heaven area.  So nice.  They had people doing gait analysis and then they gave you suggestions on which pair to buy.  I know I overpronate but was told that it is was a slight one.  Oh well, I still overpronate and was recommended to wear the Adrenaline, Ravenna, and the Pure Cadence.  I walked over to the next booth (Fleet Feet) to try them out.  Love, love the Ravenna!!!  So comfortable!!!  I was tempted to buy them (only $85) but realized that I still had a few hundred miles left on my Asics Kayano.  I fell in love with the Pure Cadence.  Such a beautiful shoe!  The only thing is that it is $120.  I think it is a bit pricey but still love it.  My birthday is next month so maybe I can treat myself to these.

pure cadence

Feliz Navidad

Other things that I bought are:

  • Balega running socks.  I already own pairs of Smart Wool and Thorlo but still like Balega.  I guess a runner can never have enough socks.  Oh year, and I own a fair pair of compression socks.
  • CW-X capris.  I get pain in my quads and hamstrings when I run so I am hoping these will provide support during the race.
  • SnuggBuds.  These are the BEST headphones.  I have tried quite a few sets and they all slip out with the sweat.  These come with 3 different inner ear buds to properly fit your ear.  I bought my first pair last year and have had a great experience with them.  They are a bit pricey but worth it.  However, within the last month or so there was no sound coming out of the left side.  At the expo I told the vendor about it and she told me that if I return that pair I could get 50% off the next pair.  Of course I forgot to take the pair with me!!  I even tried to talk her into giving me the discount but no luck.  Anyway, I still bought a pair for next week’s race.

I saw Dean Karnazes.  He was there for a book sign.  Wow!  He looks a little too thin but I guess that is what happens when you run a marathon every single day.

Looking forward to seeing the runners tomorrow at the Chicago Marathon.  I plan to get a picture or two of Ryan Hall.  I hope he wins or at least places in the top 3.

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