I should be asleep. I have a 6 am flight to Hartford tomorrow. I am packed and ready to go. However, as with my past marathons I am feeling nervous. I have yet to find the secret to stop being nervous. Or does every runner feel the same way?

Today was my last day of work this week. I did not have the guts to let my students know that I was not going to be in tomorrow. Should I have told them? Should I have told them of their teacher’s crazy plan of traveling to another city/state to run 26.2 miles? They know I like to run but I don’t think they know the extent. I should take all of my medals to school one day and show them. Hopefully it wil get them inspired to work hard in everything they do. Hard work is rewarded one way or another.

Back to the nervousness. I need to stop it!!! I have to believe that I will do well and succeed. I can do this. This is not my first marathon. I am prepared. The weird thing is that I have not completed one marathon this year but I am already planning for not one marathon but two marathons next year. Yep. I am thinking of New Orleans in March and Philadelphia in November.

I mentioned in a previous post that I purchased a pair of CW-X capris (medium). I did not try them on at the expo because according to the chart in the back of the bag I fit in a medium. I began to pack last night and decided to try them on. I almost cried! They were too tight!! I could not get them to fit properly. I thought for sure they were going to rip. I am glad I did try them on because I would have been very upset on Saturday morning. So I packed my regular Nike Be Strong Dri Fit Shorts. Love these shorts!!! They’re the right length and prevent any chafing in my thighs.

Good night all. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll in Hartford.

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  1. Just started reading your blog. As a fellow teacher I was asked to bring my medals in and talk to the classes about my running. I felt silly but the kids loved it and it made realize what a big accomplishment it is! I definitely would show your class.

  2. Yeah, I actually leave a few of my running trophies at the school. I think the kids appreciate them more than any home visitor you might have. When I taught younger grades, a few got broken b/c I even let the children pick them up, but oh well…I think you're going to love Hartford. It's such a pretty course and you are going to do great! Go get 'em!

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