This month I ran 52.7 miles.  Yeah, SLOW month.  Below are the races I completed this month:

  • ING Hartford Marathon, October 15
  • Carrera de los Muertos/Day of the Dead 5K, October 29

Total miles ran this year is 569.63.  I was really hoping to run a total of at least 1,000 miles this year but a semi-injury in February (ran 29 miles that month) and my 3 week vacation in the summer to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru (49.5 in June and 17 in July) slowed me down.  I did A LOT of walking during those 3 weeks that I was so exhausted when I came back and the last thing I wanted to do was run.

Upcoming races this month include:

  • Hot Chocolate, 15K, November 5
  • Chicago’s Perfect 10 at Navy Pier, November 12
  • Run 3.14 Pie 5K, November 24

I am really excited about the races this month.  I ran the Hot Chocolate last year and was very disappointed with the course.  This year there is a new course so yes I am happy.  The Perfect 10 race is new this year and is a 10K or a 10 mile race.  Since I am training for another marathon I chose the 10 mile race.  The 3.14 race is new for me.  The name caught my attention.  Plus, the first couple hundred that registered gets to take a pie home.  How cool is that?

October in Review

I cannot believe the year is almost over.  Where did it go?  What did I accomplish?  Well, for starters I traveled to 4 countries from June-August.  I traveled to one of the Wonders of the World..Machu Picchu.  To date I’ve ran almost 570 miles compared to 601.9 at the end of December last year.  I started this blog which I kept putting off and finally got around to it.

I am definitely looking forward to 2012!!

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