I had heard great things about the Better Than Naked Shorts by North Face.  I gave in, bought a pair, and wore then for a 3 miles run yesterday.  Oh my goodness!  I did not like them.  I mean, they are comfortable, fit just about right, they dry fast, and don’t stink.  However, they ride up.  I have a problem with my big inner thighs and I was constantly pulling them down.  Not sure if I want to give them another try or send them back?  Any suggestions on shorts that don’t ride up?

Random Things


I have decided to be a part of the Ragnar Relay Series.  Yep 200 miles from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL.  Have you done one?  How did it go?  Advice?

Random Things

Random Things

I am working on a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 (November 20, 2012).  Below is what is on my list so far.  I will post list once it is finalized.

  • Skydiving 
  • Rollerskate 
  • Blackhawsks game 
  • Scubadiving 
  • Whale watching 
  • Taste 40 different beers/tequilas 
  • Bikram yoga 
  • Ballroom/pole dancing 
  • Relay race 
  • Camp out in front of store to buy “something” (Black Friday) 
  • Pick favorite actor/actress and watch all of their movies (movie marathon) 
  • Slumber party 
  • Drive-in movie 
  • Pottery class 
  • Visit a country/continent that I have not been to 
  • Go to the Grand Canyon 
  • Hike at Yosemite Mountains 
  • Do ultramarathon (50K) 
  • See U2 in concert 
  • Hot air balloon ride 
  • Take a CPR class 
  • Learn sign language 
  • Participate in the Chicago Polar Plunge 
  • Go on a helicopter ride 
  • Travel first class 
  • Visit the Four Corners Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado 
  • Learn to play poker 
  • Learn to play pool 
  • Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award Winners for Best Picture 
  • High Tea” at the Plaza Hotel in New York 
  • Get palms read/See a psychic/Get a tarot card reading 
  • Run a marathon in another state 
  • Participate in the Women’s Half Marathon
  • Run 1,000 miles

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  1. Love your list! All of those things look so fun! (Well, I've done a few…)For shorts, have you tried the Brooks Glyerin short? It looks similar to the ones features above. 🙂 Good luck for the "perfect" shorts.

  2. You're nearly 40? I thought you were much younger than that. Very youthful spirited! As for shorts that don't ride up, try the Saucony PE Revival short. They are really short, though, depending on if that matters to you. Also, the skirts at runningskirts.com are awesome! I prefer the kind that has the built-in briefs as opposed to the ones with the compression shorts underneath.

  3. Rebecca, of course you've done a few since you are super woman!!! Thanks for the tip on the shorts.Elizabeth, you sound surprise about my age and that made my day. 🙂 I will check out the shorts too.

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