The time is here.  Taper time!  This week’s mileage is below.  Pretty neat huh?

The 4 miles today felt easy.  I am looking forward to the runs prior to the marathon.

A few weeks ago I purchased two skirts from Zappos.  Previously I read reviews posted by (Just) Trying is for Little Girls.  I own a few Champion skirts but don’t like them too much because the inner shorts tend to ride up.  I tried on the Brooks PR Mesh Skort II but I have big inner thighs and did not find the inner shorts to be comfortable.  There is an elastic at the bottom of the shorts but still that did not prevent them from riding up.

Today I wore the Skirt Sports Gym Ultra for my 4 mile run.  I normally wear medium shorts but had purchased a large because I read that those skirts tend to run small.  As soon as I put it on I knew I was not going to like it.  As I mentioned earlier I have big inner thighs so it was kind of difficult to get it on much less to fit properly.  I finished changing and started running on the treadmill.  The darn thing was slowly coming down.  I was frustrated and changed into my regular running shorts (luckily I had an extra pair in my bag).  Sigh. 

I am not happy.  I was really hoping that I would like/love one of the skirts.  I will be at the New Orleans Marathon expo next weekend and am hoping that Skirt Sports has a booth there for me to try on their skirts.  I like running skirts.  They look cute!

Do you run in shorts, running skirts, or both?  Run Happy!

3 Comments on Taper Time and Running Skirts

  1. I run in shorts for runs shorter than 5 or 6 miles. Anything longer than that, I wear capris. I own one running skirt from Target and it rides up way too much probably because it's too big.I'd like to try a running skirt, but for the prices it doesn't seem worth it. I'd rather invest in a new pair of capris that I know will work for me.Enjoy your taper!

  2. I love the new blog design! The Skirt Sports Gym Girl are supposed to be compression shorts that fit tightly. A Medium probably would have been a better bet! Happy tapering!

  3. Don't feel bad girl. I would LOVE to wear a skirt, but my body just isn't made for them, and that's that. I've always been larger towards the bottom. A blessing and a curse. 😛 Let me know what you think of the New Orleans race because a few of my girls from Adventure Runners and I are contemplating it for next year.

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