This month I ran 84 miles compared to 107.22 last month.  Yes, I did slack on a few runs.  Two weeks of taper and I only ran twice.  I hope that does not affect my performance on Sunday.  I read that the course is flat.  Hmm, the Chicago course is flat.  We’ll see about this one.

No races this month.  My first one is next month and then nonstop races till at least October.  I plan to run in every race I can afford.  I would like to run in at least 20 races and complete 12 half marathons.  Can I pull this off?

I have not completed one marathon but am already planning another one.  Yep, I plan to run the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th.  Registration starts on Wednesday, March 7th.

I will retire my Brooks PureCadence after the marathon.  Next, I will be running in the Brooks Green Silence.  I read a review by Runblogger and on the Brooks site.  Looks like a decent shoe but not sure about doing long runs in them.

I am planning to go to Las Vegas next month.  Yes, I need a vacation before my Spring Break.  I have friends that are going for a meeting so I plan to stay with them.  The plan ticket is EXPENSIVE….over $400.  I want to go!!  I want to play blackjack in a casino and go to the Grand Canyon.  Sigh.  But am I willing to spend $400 on the ticket?  Well, considering that I won’t have to pay for a hotel I guess it is not a bad deal huh?

Run Happy!!

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