1. I decided to go back to school to pursue my Type 75 Certification.  It is a two year program and once I receive my masters, I can continue to be a classroom teacher or be an administrator.  I knew from the beginning of this new career that I was not going to be a teacher for a long time.  I don’t see myself being 50 years old and still being a teacher.

2. I signed up for the Race Around the World Duathlon on June 24.  I will be missing out on the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon.  I guess it is OK.  I can still (hopefully) do one offered by the Divas Half Marathon Series or the Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon.

3.  I am toying with the idea of running a half marathon in each state.  Originally, I had thought of doing a marathon in each state but quickly changed it to a half marathon.  I’ve been following Kim’s blog at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls and told myself that I could do this too.

4.  During my race on Saturday I developed a pain in my left foot.  My first thought were the orthotics.  I’ve ran in them before but only on a treadmill.  Saturday was the first time I ran outside.  Once I got home I took them off and replaced them with the original insoles.  I wore my gym shoes to work today and my foot feels much better.  I am afraid to run in my orthotics this weekend.  Maybe the 5K on Saturday will be OK but definitely NOT the 10 Miler on Saturday.

5.  I know eventually I will need surgery on my right foot.  I have a bunion that is growing and is giving me trouble.  Usually the pain goes away for a few months with a visit to the podiatrist.  She injects this liquid in my foot and that helps with the pain.  However, I went last month and my foot still hurts.  It could be that the bunion is just getting worse or the podiatrist inserted the liquid in a different part of the foot (she did tell me that she was going to do that).  I am hoping it is the latter because I went all crazy and registered for almost every race I could find in the Chicago area.  My plan is to run until November of this year then take a few months off for the surgery and recovery.

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  1. I hope your foot feels better soon. That sounds like NO FUN! What distance is the duathlon you are doing? I've always wanted to do one, but not many around here. And… I totally think you should go for a half in every state. They have a club for it, like the full marathon club. Pretty cool!

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