1.  Finally done with school.  Time to travel, run, and have fun.  Enough said.

2.  I am leaving this afternoon to Madison, WI for the Ragnar Relay.  When I joined the team I was Runner #2.  I was responsible for running the following: 4.5 (Moderate); 4.4 (Moderate); and 6.2 (Hard).  Not bad right?  Well, I found out Sunday that now I am Runner #6 and have to run, ready….10.9 (Very Hard); 3 (Easy); and 5.8 (Hard).   Gulp!  I don’t mind too much running 11 miles but very hard?  I really, really hope they’re not very hard at all.  On a good note, I found out that “Runners who run leg 6 at the Ragnar Chicago have something extra to be excited about – besides conquering the longest leg on the course.  Be prepared to receive a special gift from Pacifico as you finish Leg 6!”  Free beer for a year?  I hope so!!

3.  I am debating whether to run the Women’s Half Marathon in Minnesota on August 26, the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 18, or The Space Coast Half Marathon in Florida on November 25. Decisions, decisions.  Have you done any of  these races?  What did you think?

Run Happy!

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