This past week I received an email with an offer I could not resist.  It was an offer that for $399 I could purchase a pass that gave me “free registration” to all Rock ‘n’ Roll Races next year.  Seriously? You know that unless you are one of the early registrants, each race is between $80-$100. Sounds like a great deal.  I looked over the list of cities/states and immediately decided to purchase it.

I am so excited!  It looks like the first race I will do is in March in Washington DC.  I know it will be expensive because I still need to purchase airfare and hotel for each race.  However, if you have friends in any of these states or know someone that will running these races, let me know so that I can possibly room with them and in the process make more friends!

Run Happy!

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  1. Cool! That IS a good deal! 🙂 I need to look at the list of races. With Brooks, we can sometimes get a comp entry or two. Maybe we can coordinate a meet-up in the upcoming year?

  2. That's exciting! It is a good deal if you run at least 4 of them! 🙂 They certainly know how to market to running/traveling addicts. Are you doing Rock 'N Roll Phoenix in January? Sounds like not, but that's a really good one.

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