I received an email to purchase this book.


I want to run a race (marathon or half marathon) in all 50 states.  However, not only do I want to finish each race but I want to finish in a decent time.  Almost all of my finish times have been between 2:20-2:50.  My ultimate goal is to do a sub-2 or as close as possible to 2 hours.  Is it possible?  I believe so.  I might have been training the wrong way.  Time to rethink the training plan.

I am going to purchase the book.  I will read it carefully and take good notes. This book will help me get my sub 2 and run all of the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathons next year thanks to the Tourpass.

airplaneWant to join me as I travel across the country next year to run a race in different cities? Please contact me.  Click here for a list of my upcoming races.

Upcoming race this weekend is Magic City Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL.  Wish me luck!

Thank you for your comment!