What a beautiful day in St. Petersburg! I arrived about 11:30 am, called SuperShuttle, and was on my way to St. Pete before I could blink!

Unfortunately, my good luck did not last long.  I arrived at the hotel and was told that my room reservation was cancelled.  What!?!?  I did not understand. Apparently, when I made my reservation back in December I did not guarantee it with a credit card number.  Supposedly, the hotel called me in January and left several messages.  Since I did not call back they took the liberty of canceling the reservation.  Did they notify me?  Absolutely not!!  Well, I was so upset that I just started to cry.  Long story short, the hotel was able to get me a room for the night.  A suite!  For the same price as a two bed room.

My room was not ready so I went out to lunch and had some delicious sushi. There was a special for $5 bloody marys and mimosas.  I almost ordered a mimosa but the waitress talked me out of it because I am taking antibiotics for some teeth issues.

After lunch I walked to the expo.  It was sunny and warm and I was sweating by the time I got there.  I thought it was so cool that it was taking place at a stadium.  Most of the expos I’ve been to have been at a convention center or hotel.  If you’ve been to a Rock ‘n’ Roll expo before then you know what to expect.  It is a GREAT expo.  This one was a bit smaller than the one in Phoenix and Chicago. I bought another pair of headphones because I do not like the last pair I bought (same company but different style) and a Zipfizz sampler.  The vendors and customers convinced me to buy it.  Let me just say that the fruit punch, orange, and grape flavors are delicious!!

I was disappointed that ProCompression was not there because I was planning to buy a pair of their marathon lime socks to match the letters in my half fanatics shirt I plan to run in tomorrow.  Well, at least my red socks will match my headband. Hopefully, this time it won’t fall off like it did in Phoenix.

I am excited about tomorrow’s race. Great city and awesome weather!

Just Keep Running!

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