Done, state #13.  Is the number 13 really an unlucky number?   This would have been a “perfect” race (flat) but yet it was a tough race for me.  I am still racking my brain trying to figure out what went wrong.

My finish time was 2:28:22.  Yeah, not happy with it.   I did so much better in Phoenix and that race was just as flat.  The weather?  Both races were sunny but this race was a bit warmer.  I remember that I was sweating before I finished mile 1.

I was tired by mile 6. My legs felt like lead.  I could not make them go faster.  I tried.   I was trying to enjoy the race but it was just too hard. I want to run a race but also have a little bit of fun.   I just couldn’t.

The course was boring.  The best part of it was the last three miles.  There were beautiful houses and amazing crowd support.  I even managed to take a few pictures which I never do during a race.

I was happy to see the finish line and high fived the announcers.  I think one of them was John Bingham aka The Penguin.

As usual there was delicious food after the race.  Unfortunately, I could not stay long because I had to get back to the hotel for my 11am check out.  Too early I think.

I wish I could say I liked this race but I just can’t.  Of course this is just my opinion as other people would say just the opposite.

As for the medal, sigh, kind of boring. What do you think?

Hopefully March is a better month.  I will be in Arkansas for the Little Rock Half Marathon and in DC for another Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

Just Keep Running!

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  1. They can't all be winners, especially when you run so many of them. That's what I've found out. In fact, I think I have more crappy races than good ones so I really appreciate a good race!Yeah – that medal isn't so great. But then again, I am not a fan of RnR at all. Although, I have considered doing San Diego since it's near my mama.As for the difference between Phoenix and here…I bet this race was much more humid. I find that I do much better in dry air but that's just me.See…maybe you should have waited for Gasparilla. 😛

  2. I agree with Paula- you're doing so many of them and some of them are bound not to go as well as you might expect. I think the medal is pretty cool! Good job toughing it out.

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