Done, state #18.

I arrived in Portland on Saturday morning and my friend, Julia, picked me up.  Julia and I went to high school together and I had not seen her since graduation.  We went to lunch and then to the expo.  For some reason this was smaller than previous RnR expos.  Plus, it seemed like it was missing a few other vendors.  Oh well, no big deal.  I only bought two pairs of socks and that’s only because it was “buy one and the other is 1/2 off”.  I also signed up for StrideBox which is a monthly subscription that delivers an assortment of products to runners.

It rained Saturday so I was worried it would also rain on Sunday.  The gods must have heard me complain throughout the race in Nashville that they decided to be nice to me.  No rain on race day!!


I made a STUPID rookie mistake.  Remember how I mentioned that I bought a new Garmin watch? Well, I turned it on but I forgot to press the button to locate the satellite.  So as I crossed the start line I pressed the button and it began to locate the satellite while I was running.  Of course that did not work so I had to stop for a couple of seconds and then took off.  I was mad at myself!  How could I have made that mistake?!?!?!

The course was blah.  The nicest part was running through the residential areas.  So pretty!  I remember at some point we went through warehouses and it smelled horrible!!  There was so much crowd support.  I loved it!

As I crossed the finish line I had no idea of my time.  I did not think it was a PR but one can only hope right?  I got two medals at this race.  One for finishing the race and another one for completing five races in the series. I’m a Rock Star!

Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon

Later that evening I found out my finish time was 2:23:43.  Yes, I am pleased with it.


Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon

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  1. Great job with the race! Cool medals too!I accidentally forgot to press start also when I crossed the start line for the DC half, but luckily I already the satellite linked. It happens. 🙂

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