This month I ran 122.09  miles compared to 90.3 in January.  Definitely another great month.  Ugh, I cannot take this winter anymore!!  It is driving me nuts!  More snow and more snow.  I cannot wait till Spring.

I ran two races:  Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K and Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon. Two humid days in FL.  After the race on Saturday, I went to Epcot and had so much fun!  I’ve never been there and am glad I was able to go.

My training for the 50K is going OK.  I’ve tried to keep up with all of my workouts but man sometimes I am just not in the mood to run.  Thankfully Coach Sara has been very helpful and understanding.  My training plan includes doing a variety of runs (tempo, steady, recovery, and long) which makes my runs interesting.  But with 23 kids in a classroom for 6.5 hours, after work all I just want to do is come home and relax on the sofa.

Papers I need to review and grade this weekend.  Not fun.


I am sure you’ve heard of Apera Bags.  I’m excited because I purchased a bag and am supposed to get it on Tuesday.  They have so bags but at the expo last weekend in FL, they were there and I was able to see the bags and decide which one to purchase.  The winner is…Sling Tote.

apera sling tote

The bag is roomy but yet not bulky.  I like that it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Every morning I walk out with at least 3 bags to go to work and this bag will simply make it easier for me to haul my stuff for the gym.

I also bought a pair of Aspaeris shorts.  According to their website “The patent pending technology uses Dual Sensory Compression™  in key compression zones that guide knees into the proper position, acting as a guide that creates muscle memory. This, coupled with a second layer of overall compression leads to proper joint, “loading,” to help you avoid injury and improve performance as your legs move more efficiently.”


I was worried when I got them because they look very small.  I wear a medium in Nike and Brooks shorts so I decided to also buy a medium.  No, I did not pay attention to their size chart.  The first time I wore them the waistband kept rolling down and made it uncomfortable to run.  I pulled them up and they finally stayed put.  I wore them again today, adjusted them, and ran 12 miles in them.  Not sure if that’s what I am supposed to do each time or maybe I ordered the wrong size and should have gone with a large instead?  Overall, I like the shorts.  They’re silky soft and felt comfortable once I adjusted them.  They did not ride up at all.  Yeah, definitely my kind of shorts.

How cute are these pink ones?


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