The Chicago Marathon is less than 4 months ago.  This past week was the official start of marathon training.  Yep, that is 18 weeks of speedwork, easy, tempo, and long runs.  I will be working with Coach Sara to not only get me ready for the race but also to PR.  Of course my ultimate goal is to BQ but I know I won’t do it at this race.  Step by step is how I will get there.

My coach develops my running plan on a weekly basis.  She enters my workouts into Google calendar every Sunday for the week.  Each time I finish a workout, I let her know how I did, how I felt, and anything else I want her to know.  So easy and convenient.  I have been working with her since the beginning of May and love how she gives me a variety of runs and am never bored with any of them. However, I am finding out that I dislike tempo runs.

Week #1, June 9-15
Monday: 1 mile WU, 2 x 15 mins at 9:40 pace (2 min RI), 1 mile CD
I was in a bad mood that not even running made me feel better.  I only did 1 mile WU and then ran/walked for another 15 minutes for a total of 2.10 miles. Seriously, everything just bothered me (the sweaty gym, the smelly people around me, the songs on my iPod, etc).  I was mad at myself for letting things get to me.

Tuesday: Run 45 mins @ 10:45 pace
Ran on treadmill for 45 minutes for 4.19 miles @10:44.  I forgot my socks at home but did not want to go back for them.  So I ran without them.  My feet felt fine afterwards.  I was afraid I would get blisters but none at all.

Wednesday: Rest/Stretch

Thursday: 1 mile WU, 3 miles @10:00 pace, 1 mile CD
Last day of school.  Left school at 5.  Was tired and hungry and no desire to run at all.  I went home and took a long nap.

Friday: 45 minutes cross-train
Skipped it.

Saturday: 7 miles @ 11:00 min pace
Ran with the Clocktower Runners for 7 miles @10:50.  It was a gorgeous day to run.  There were so many people running along the lakefront and everyone looked happy and excited to be running.  


Sunday: Rest/Stretch
My plan was to wake up early for yoga.  That didn’t happen.  I did relaxed but cleaned a bit around the apartment, read a bit of “Mockingjay” and watched a few episodes of “Burn Notice”.  


  • As you can see, each run is different which I love.  I know this week I missed my tempo run (not on purpose) but in the past weeks when I’ve done them, I realized that I do not like them.  The reason is because I cannot hold the pace (and I do try) for the number of miles I am supposed to.  I know they’re not supposed to be easy but I find myself stopping a few times to catch my breath.  I know it is petty and hopefully one day I will run them without stopping at all.
  • My favorite speed workouts are the 400s.  Yeah, those are fast but yet long (or short) enough and they’re over before you know it.  Hint, hint, Coach Sara.
  • I did not run with a water belt for my long run on Saturday.  Coach suggested I run with one and not rely so much on the water fountains along the lake.  It is getting hot outside and I need to make sure I am hydrated during these runs.  I hate carrying a water bottle in my hand but luckily I have a water belt.
  • I had a great run last Saturday and am looking forward to my run (8 miles) this Saturday.

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  1. The tempo runs can definitely be tough. I take whatever is frustrating me at the time and channel it into those runs. It’s like I’m using my legs to beat that frustration to the ground. Good start to training. Just 17 more weeks!

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