Today I ran the Chinatown 5k in the rain.  The last time I ran a 5k was the Strike Out ALS 5k in July. Despite the rain, it went much better than this one.

I did not pick up my packet prior to the race but chose to do so the morning of the race.  I wasn’t sure where exactly (just had an idea) the race began but I just took Archer Avenue until I got to Chinatown. From there I could see a group of people in Chinatown Square so I knew that’s where I had to go.  I looked for free street parking, didn’t find any, so I just went to the lot.  The cars in front of me that also wanted to park at the lot were instead turning away and later on I found out that the machine was no longer giving out those tickets that allowed you to get in the lot.  No problem at all.  I found street parking across from the lot.  It wasn’t free but wasn’t expensive either.

Once I was settled I noticed that my friend, Rachel, and her family was two cars in front of me.  From there we walked to pick up my packet and to get as close as possible to the start line.  Did I mention that it was raining?  Nonstop.

My first race with this pretty lady.

A few minutes before 8am we walked over to the start line but still had to wait a few more minutes before we were actually allowed to run.  Not sure why there was a delay.

The new route was supposed to go through Bridgeport along 26th street, Princeton and Wells.  A few days before the race I got an email letting me know that apparently the request for the new route was not approved.  Now we were to run through the original route.  Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 5.51.48 PM

So basically we ran along Wentworth Avenue to 34th Street and back.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the route because I was too busy dodging the puddles.  Who wasI kidding?  I was soaking wet anyway.

As usual I started off too fast, slowed down, and then picked it up at the end.  Finish time is 30:33 for 3.12 miles for average pace of 9:45.  Pretty happy with it.  Coach Sara asked me to run an average of 9:25.  Umm, no, but close enough.

Photo credit: Eric and Rachel Tanchez
Photo credit: Eric and Rachel Tanchez
Photo credit: Eric and Rachel Tanchez

Overall, I did like the race.  I say that now that I am warm and dry.  I am glad it wasn’t cold because running a race when you’re cold and soaking wet is not fun either.  It is a small race and close to my house.  Definitely two pluses in my book!  If you haven’t ran this race, make sure to do so next year.

Coach posted this on Facebook and it made me smile.

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 11.06.52 AM

There was a raffle after the race but I did not stay for it.  I had only paid for one hour in the meter and it was time to go.  Plus, I was getting cold.

Oh, and I made a huge mistake.  I ran with my phone but did not put it in a plastic bag.  After the race I couldn’t turn on my phone.  I was planning to take more pictures after the race but that didn’t happen.  Right now it is in a bag of rice where I shall leave it for a few days.  If that doesn’t help my phone then it means a visit to the Sprint store.  I know that means I won’t have a phone for a few days.  I am OK with that since I took a trip to Ecuador and Peru and didn’t have electricity nor Internet (for two trips) for a few days and I survived.  I am more worried about having to cough up the money to buy a new phone.

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    • Thanks Coach!

      I got a new phone at the Apple Store. Thanks to Apple Care I “only” paid $80 for a new phone. It sure beats $200 or so for a new one.

  1. Sounds like fun – I love running in the rain, especially when it’s not freezing, like you said!

    Hope your phone is okay!

    • Running in the rain can be fun! Makes you feel like a kid again. I ended up going to the Apple store and got a new phone. It turned out that I had Apple Care so it covered water damage.

  2. Praying that your phone is okay! I lost an MP3 player once to rain, so I know how frustrating it can be. =( Way to run a great race, especially amidst the crazy conditions! I am glad I got to see you along the course!!!

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