1. I finally got rid of my scale.  I would weigh myself every Wednesday morning before getting ready for work.  The number on the scale would range from 158-167 every week.  I know better than to listen to it.  I’ve gained weight over the years (per my scale) but am down 2 sizes in pants.  My legs are more muscular and I like it.  🙂


2.  Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment for a physical exam, pap smear, etc, etc.  I go every year and have been going there for almost 10 years.  My doctor is cool and I like her.  I feel very comfortable with her and have seen her when I had problems with my ears and my throat.  Oh, and one year I had a mild case of bronchitis and she saw me right away and gave me antibiotics.

I also get a referral from her for a mammogram.  It is weird how I can’t just go and get one, I have to get an “OK’ from her.  Not cool.  I am due for one soon and hopefully can go before school starts next month.  When I went last year, she told me I had lost 11 lbs. from the year before.  Let’s see what she tells me tomorrow (not that I really care, see #1).  🙂


3.  Lately I’ve been running without any music.  Sometimes I listen to it when I am on the treadmill but not outside.  My friend, Paul, sometimes listens to audiobooks.  I prefer the actual books but am intrigued by the other option so last night I downloaded a bunch of audiobooks.  I am really excited about “The First Phone Call from Heaven” by Mitch Albom.  I am a big fan and have read most of his books.

8 Comments on Three Things Thursday, July 24, 2014

  1. I am starting to hate the scale. I’ve gotten to the point where I am gaining I think because of muscle gain. I am going to try an app (happy scale) that does a moving average to figure out my true weight. I hope that helps me not care too much about the number on the scale at a given moment.

    • I’ve never heard of Happy Scale. I am just going to go by how my clothes fit. That seems to work for me but I was just so stubborn that I STILL needed to see a number.

  2. I have a weight scale at home but I don’t really use it. I only bought it because it looked really cool (it’s glass)….haha but also, there are times when I just wanna check my weight to see what’s up. Ya know? I don’t have a problem with weight gain but the scale is there just to be there I guess.

    ALSO, I like to listen to music when I run sometimes but recently, I decided that I want to be aware of my surroundings and listen to ‘nature’ instead. However, the audio book idea sounds fun especially for longer runs. I may try that.

  3. I don’t have a scale (well, my husband does, but I never use it), and I also prefer it that way. I actually didn’t weigh myself before I got pregnant, and I certainly didn’t want to during pregnancy. I weighed myself for the first time in February, and at least I have a number to work with, but I am with you – I am all about whether or not clothes fit, and I love feeling muscular as well:)

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