1. Today is day 4 of my math class.  This is my second one for my math endorsement.  The class is Math Theory and it is very interesting.  Thank goodness because it is for two weeks from 9am-noon. We have covered topics such as prime numbers, F.O.I.L., and various properties such as distributive, commutative, and associative.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard these words because I’ve only taught basic math to 1st graders.  I don’t like the math homework.  I like math but these assignments have been challenging for me.  I spend at least 2-3 hours on 2 math problems.  But each problem has various components to it and I have to write and/or show all of my work.  Again, at least it it interesting and I am almost halfway done with the class.

Now a fun math puzzle for you.  Make sure to do it with different numbers and you will always get the same answer.  Click here to find out why you always get the same answer.

Source: http://www.mathsisfun.com/1089.html

2.  This Saturday is the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon and 10K.  Will you be there? Tomorrow there will be a Mocktail Party sponsored by Honest Tea.  It will be from 7-8pm at The Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel.  Hope to see you Friday, Saturday or both!


3.  Are you going to run (or planning to) the Fort2Base race on Sunday, August 24?  There will be a fun run hosted by me and other fellow ambassadors.  Come join us!  It will be Thursday, August 7, 6:30 pm at Yankee Woods in Oak Forest.  I was there a couple of weeks ago for another fun run.  There will be prizes (free entry to the race and t-shirts). Hope to see you there!


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