To date I’ve run in 31 states.  Well 32 if you include Washington DC.   I know Washington DC isn’t a state either I am counting it as part of this goal.  The states in yellow are those that I still need to run in.

Race in the 50+1 States

To date I’ve registered for the following races/states:

There are a few more I plan to do but still working on logistics:

So that is 7 new states this year for a total of 39.  Wow, I was hoping to be in the 40s at the end of this year so I will need to add a few more races to my list.  Let me check out those cities that I can get to on Southwest.  I live about 5 minutes away from Midway Airport so there is no doubt as to which airline to use.

As I complete a race in a new state I get excited because I am so much closer to completing my goal. I am hoping this year I get to truly enjoy each race instead of focusing on time.  Although I would like to one day run a sub-2 half marathon.  To date my best time is 2:17:03 at the ING Hartford Half Marathon in 2013.

I am also excited this year to run the Illinois Marathon as a relay member for “Team Faster than Snails”.  For sure that race will be just for fun!  Oh, and I am still hoping to run Ragnar Relay Chicago. So far we’ve had 2 snow days and now my last day of school is June 9 (Tuesday).  Team members meet on Thursday evening to start on Friday morning.  A couple more snow days and for sure I won’t be able to run in the relay.  No more snow!!

Come run with me!  Where are you running?  Can I tag along?

7 Comments on Running in new states in 2015

  1. What a cool goal! I would love to run a race in every state eventually! I ran the IL marathon and loved it last year.

  2. Awesome. You love half-marathons but I see that you will be running a marathon this year too. It looks like you will have a fun running year. Enjoy 🙂

    • No marathons for me this year. I will do an ultra in July. Well, it isn’t really an ultra but more like you run for 6 hours (midnight to 6am) and see how far you run.

      • I read quickly thinking you are running the 2015 Illinois Marathon but you’re not. You’re running it as a relay member. The ultra should be an experience. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my goodness! Hawaii? I am so excited for you. I ran every morning along the beach when we were in Maui and I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to run. I also LOVE NY! My goal is to run the NYC marathon someday. Anyway, I am excited to follow you on these adventures!

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