1.  I am officially on summer break!  Yesterday was my last day.  My kids were excited but also sad.  A few even cried.  Before we left there was a little parade for the 6th graders.  Basically they went through the school and “said goodbye” to everyone before exiting the school.  Next year they will be going to another school for 7th and 8th grade.  I was sad but also happy because some were in my first group of students (1st graders) when I began teaching.  It is neat to see them all grown up.



2.  I’ve run two races that I’ve yet to write a recap.  One was the Solder Field 10 Mile (PR for me) and the Covered Bridges  Half Marathon in Vermont (State #33).  It was not a PR but I still felt great and finished with my second best time for a half marathon.  I will write the recaps soon. Promise.

3.  Marathon training has been going well.  Most of my runs have been easy runs which I like.  My coach has emphasized to run them SLOW.  For the most part I’ve done that but there have been some runs in which I’ve accidentally run a little bit faster.


4. The academic year is over so it is time for a new calendar.  I bought mine at Staples which I love.  Some friends make fun of me because I use a paper calendar instead of the one in my phone.  Actually I use both but I prefer the paper version.FridayRandomness18

5.  Wednesday was my last math class.  I cannot believe 10 weeks flew by!  I had to do a five minute presentation on a famous mathematician, Ada Lovelace.  Believe it or not but I was very nervous.  It is weird how I can talk in a room full of 2nd graders but get nervous when it is adults. I know I messed up and forgot to mention some important facts about Ada.  Cross your fingers I end up with an “A” in this class.

I registered for my final class (Geometry) which starts in August and then I’ll be done with my math endorsement.  My plan is to either teach math in middle school or be a math coach/interventionist.

Any exciting plans this summer?  Do share.  I have the usual with relax, eat, watch movies, and meet up with friends.  I just got an email asking if I was still interested in a summer job I applied for in March.  It is for July 1-30th from 8am-11:45am.  Perfect right?

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