I don’t know if you saw it but on Wednesday, December 16, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series had a one day only special pricing (and limited space) for all of their races.  I saw it on Facebook on my way to school and once there I quickly signed up for two races in Seattle and Las Vegas.  I am already planning to run in New Orleans in February and have already run in both Seattle and Las Vegas.  My nephew lives in Seattle so I would like to visit and run the race again hoping for a better experience.  As for Las Vegas, well, why not?  Plus, I had a great time the last time I was there.

I know, I know.  I told myself I wouldn’t run another RnR race because I did so many in 2013.  I haven’t even run the once in Chicago since then and I live here.  Plus, it is always so hot here at that time but that is another issue.  So now I have three next year!

Unlike most people, I do enjoy running on the treadmill.  I like it when the weather just doesn’t make it possible for me to run outside or when my runs call for a specific pace.  Lately we’ve been having great weather in Chicago so most of my runs have been outside.


I’ve been setting the incline at 1% for all of my runs.  I came across this article “The Truth About Setting Your Treadmill Incline” and Matt says “So instead leave it at 0 percent unless you’re looking for the specific challenge of running uphill.”  So now I am torn between leaving it at 1% or changing it to 0% like Matt says.

And totally random and to make you laugh.  I have yet to put up my tree.  No shame here.


Fan of RnR races?  Which is your favorite?

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  1. We are signed up for RnR Seattle, which is a “hometown” race for us…my wife for the half and right now I’m signed up for the full though I may drop to the half as I want to run the full in Missoula which is about 3 weeks after Seattle…so we’ll see you here!!

    We have done a few RnR events – last year we ran Portland, Seattle, and the inaugural Vancouver, BC which was fabulous and qualified us for a commemorative medal, of course!

  2. Congrats on committing to your RNR races! With the treadmill, you could alternate between 0%, 1%, and 2%. One the one hand, I have heard that doing too much incline running on a TM can cause injury. On the other hand, too much of the exact same thing isn’t good either. So maybe change the incline every mile?

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