Thanks so much for stopping by for the fifth and FINAL day of my giveaway!  None of these items are sponsored by the companies but instead is stuff I had at the house or purchased with my own money.

Today is the FINAL giveaway, but make sure you’ve entered all of the active giveaways.  I would hate for you to miss out.  Also, some of the entries are available daily (i.e. tweeting about the specific giveaway and commenting on an Instagram post), so if it is an item you really want to win, I’d recommend entering as many times as possible.

Day 5 – Hammer Nutrition Pack and $10 Gift Card from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts

I hope you like coffee!  I LOVE it.  I am a big fan of iced coffee from both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Today is YOUR lucky day because this last giveaway includes a $10 gift card from one of my favorite coffee places (Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts).  You pick the place.  The pack also includes a Halo II Headband along with 4 tubes of Endurolytes Fizz (grapefruit, lemon-lime, mango, and grape).  Benefits of the tablets are:

  • Superior cramp prevention
  • Full-spectrum, balanced formula
  • Convenient, rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets
  • Deliciously refreshing flavors
  • No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Free of undesirable manufacturing lubricants


Below is a video going into detail about the headband.

To enter, click on the image below where you will be directed to Gleam and enter several different ways such as leaving a blog post comment, following me on Instagram, commenting on any of my Instagram posts, visiting the Hammer Nutrition Facebook page, or tweeting about the giveaway.  Happy New Year to you so I’ve included an extra entry for you.


As with all of these giveaways, they will run for seven days.  The winner will be selected on the eighth day.  This one will run through January 13th at 11:59pm.  The giveaway is open to US residents only.  The winner will be contacted via the email address associated with their Gleam account and will have 24 hours to claim their prize.  All entries are verified, so please be sure to complete them or a new, random winner will be selected.

Best of luck to everyone who enters! 

25 Comments on Day 5 of 5 Days of Zenaida’s Giveaways

  1. I just recently tried Nuun tabs for the first time at the recommendation of a run coach. So far, they’re helping with my inevitable headaches on my long run days. As a hiker, I know the importance of electrolytes, but transitioning over from hiking to long-distance running has left me hitting some nutritional speed bumps!

  2. I’ve never tried anything more fancy than powerade for hydration… I only recently started actually carrying it with me! Prior to doing my half on 1/1/16 I had never carried anything with me and had run up to 1 h 45 min so this whole thing is new to me!

  3. I usually drink powerade or gatorade because it’s convenient. I’m always looking for better products, though.

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